Six Awesome Google Reader Alternatives

Google Reader alternatives

Google Reader alternatives

Today is a sad day for millions of blog subscribers around the world. July 1, 2013 marks the passing of Google Reader, a beloved RSS reader that, while was not exquisitely designed, offered a consistently solid experience. Back in March, Google announced it would be shutting the service down over what it claimed to be declining usage.

This upset a lot of users, including yours truly, but all great things must come to an end. While many saw the shut down of Reader as a bad thing, it’s actually been one of the greatest things to happen to RSS readers since the invention of RSS itself. This has led the way to people discovering Google Reader alternatives, many of which are even better!

Here are six services to help with the transition, and get your reading back to normal… [Read more…]

iPhone App: Buy One, Get One Free? Byline Celebrates First Year Of Life With One Day Sale


Despite the fierce competition among Google Reader Apps, Byline continues to enjoy a healthy lead over its rivals as the dominant gReader app of choice.

While its primary features may not have changed since the launch of Byline 2.0, its speed has as I have yet to find another gReader app that matches Byline’s speed as far as synching goes (note: Gazette 2.0 is claiming to be faster—I’ll put them each to the test later on).

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iPhone: I’ve Fallen In Love With Google Reader Again (Thanks To RSS Flash G)


Ever since the birth of Twitter (and the various Twitter Apps like Twitterific, Tweetie and Twittelator), I have had a falling out with reading news via Google Reader, due to the fact that I could only share items with my fellow gReader geeks (and not my Twitterholic buddies).

While hooking up my Google Reader account with Friendfeed helped solve this issue, I always loathed the “RSS delay” which resulted in 10 tweets posted at once, instead of tweeting whenever I discovered an interesting link.

Thanks to an iPhone app by Ebisu Soft called RSS Flash G, I can easily share interesting links directly with the twitterverse, as well as my Google cultic friends on gReader.

While RSS Flash G does have a limited free version available, you might want check out this review of the Good, the Bad and the Buggy before deciding to part ways with 299 pennies. [Read more…]

“Google Gears” Plus gReader Plus iPhone Equals BoltReader?


If there ever was a Google Reader app that allowed you to view your entire feeds offline, BoltReader would be it.

Created by what appears to be a small nimble team (note: they did not respond to my inquiries), BoltReader seems to be the first Google Reader iPhone app that allows you to view both text and images offline, without having to rely upon a third party service like Instapaper.

Users may also fall in love with BoltReader’s user interface, which seems to blend the traditional folder view with the “river of news” layout. [Read more…]

A Close Encounter With Readello (Google Reader iPhone App)


Created by the Acceletron Corporation, Readello could best be described as a “mellow gReader app” whose simple layout will cater to users unfamiliar with RSS readers in general (at least on their iPhone/iPod Touch).

Although it may not be as advanced as Byline, Doppler or Feeds, Readello does offer some of the basic functionality for Google Reader (such as starring, natural folder view, etc.).

Costing only a $1 (note: it use to be $4), Readello offers users an inexpensive way to view their Google Reader feeds without breaking the bank. [Read more…]

The gReader War Continues: Feeds Vs Byline Vs Google Reader Web App (iPhone)



If there was any iPhone app out there with the potential of dethroning Byline as the gReader champion, it would have to be Feeds.

Developed by Prime31 Web Design, Feeds introduces a number of features absent from the competion, including one feature missing from the mighty Google Reader web app itself (which will be detailed below).

Although its name may sound generic (at least compared to names like Gazette, Byline and Doppler), the Feeds app is far from bland and may end revolutionizing not only the gReader apps, but other RSS apps as well. [Read more…]

Gazette Vs Byline (Battle Of The Google Reader iPhone Apps)



If one were to strip most of the eye candy away from Byline, they would probably end up with an app like Gazette.

Developed by Matt Rajca, Gazette offers users a distraction free layout that focuses on keeping things simple for the Google Reader addict.

Being relatively priced at $2, some users may wonder whether it would be better to invest their spare change in Gazette rather than spend the extra cash on Byline (which currently costs $5).

So instead of purchasing both apps (and making Steve Jobs richer) here is a brief review of how Gazette stacks up against Byline (with an excel spreadsheet link below comparing Gazette against not only Byline but the gReader web app and Doppler as well). [Read more…]