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August 6, 2009

From 55 Blogs to 4 Local Websites: An Interview with John Evans

John Evans’ blog network Syntagma Media always stood out a bit from the blog networks of the early days. First it was because of the hacked Kubrick blog template with the rainbow headers (which I remedied in one of my first design gigs in the blogosphere), and then because of Evans leaving the term blog behind, rebranding as a network of sites, web magazines, and other ideas aimed to make them more accessible and easy to understand.

Earlier this week Syntagma Media launched its most recent venture, the first in a series of “hyper-local” websites. So how do you go from blog network to local websites? That’s what this interview is about. read more

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August 3, 2009

Syntagma Media Launches Devon & Cornwall Online

Syntagma Media launched Devon & Cornwall Online as the first of four hyper-local websites covering the west of the United Kingdom. During the harsh economic times traditional media are experiencing, Syntagma aims to fill in the gap in local news coverage created by the nosedive of local print media. read more

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