Twitter Broken, Allows Posts Larger Than 140 Characters

Twitter Character Limit

Twitter Character LimitIt was revealed yesterday that a bug in Twitter would allow enterprising individuals to send Tweets longer than 140 characters.

The bug was first exploited in the Twitter Development Talk Google Group when Chris White gave a step-by-step account of how to allow for the new Tweet length.

The process was simple, visit using Firefox and then put your Tweet in after the “?url=” section of the URL and click enter.

The users Tweet box will then show the shorted URL, click on the tweet button and your full length message will now be sitting in your Twitter account.  [Read more…]

TweetBookz: Would you turn 200 tweets into a book?


tweetbookz-logoI’ve written just over 4,000 tweets since I signed up for Twitter several years ago, but I think I’d be hard-pressed to choose 200 of a high enough quality to turn into a book.

However, new startup TweetBookz has decided there must be enough Twitter fanatics who would like to do just that.

Cofounders Jacob Schwirtz and Asael Kahana said that the service offered a “fun way to look back on your favourite tweets and capture all the emotion of those moments to keep forever.” [Read more…]