Facebook Campaign Plans To Marry Two Random Strangers

Facebook Marriage Campaign

Espalhe Guerilla Marketing wants to take two random Facebook users and have them tie the knot and they want to do it in celebration of a new ad campaign they are running for cough drop company Halls Brazil.

The marketing firm announced through the Halls Brazil Facebook page that they will work to select to random strangers who are willing to tie the knot.

Esphale was able to roll out the viral campaign to more than 3 million Facebook fan followers in which they say this new approach takes the idea of “online dating” to a  whole new level by merging it with new media advertising, social media and a once in a lifetime “giveaway.’

To participate users post their photo to the Facebook page and then choose a partner. Those “contestants” can then also choose their own bridal party.

Once contestants have been entered public voting will begin and the two “winners” will be flown to Las Vegas where they will get married in the famous Little White Chapel. [Read more…]