Stop Using Twitter! Washington Post Journalists Told To Ignore Popular Social Hub

Washington Post Logo

Washington Post Logo

Washington Post journalists have been told by the company to back away from Post-branded and personal Twitter accounts when it comes to speaking on behalf of the organization.

The memo came after the paper post a controversial article titled: Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of sexuality.”

The article was published after several gay teens were bullied and eventually committed suicide. The article argued that the issue was one of mental health, basically stating that homosexuality was a mental illness. The proclamation of mental illness led to GLAAD complaining about the piece, which led to Washington Post employees defending the piece since it provided “both sides” of the story. As expect GLAAD took to Twitter stating that their are not “two sides” to the issue, which led to more bickering from Post employees.

After all was said and done Post Managing Editor Raju Narisett sent the following memo to his employees: [Read more…]

Several years later, the Washington Posts notices that blogs are being used for Marketing

I’d say that the Washington Post has been living under a rock, since they are just now writing about how marketing is moving to the blogosphere in an article for today’s edition:

Bethesda’s Honest Tea launched its blog in late 2005 as a way to get close to customers. With a name like Honest Tea, chief executive Seth Goldman said, “we’re trying to be as open and disclose as much information as we can.” When the company announced that Coca-Cola would acquire a 40 percent interest in the brand, many of Honest Tea’s customers who opposed the agreement took their complaints to the blog.

“We gave a very loud voice to the people who said they weren’t happy about this decision,” Goldman said.

Goldman then took one of the most thoughtful, detailed customer criticisms and responded to each point. Even if readers still didn’t agree, “The blog at least helps people see how we think about it,” Goldman said.

All that said, many companies are just now beginning to utilize the power of the internet through blogs in order to have a real dialogue – or conversation – with their customers. [Read more…]