The Affiliate and Advertising Network Compilation

Want to get started making money on your blog? Then sign up for an affiliate network and create the links that fit your blog. It is a great addition to Google Adsense and other contextual advertising solutions, and is ideally suited whenever you blog about something that relates to products. Just find a suitable affiliate network, and make money referring your readers to great places where they can buy what you blog about.

Criteria: The affiliate or advertising network needs to be free to join, otherwise we won’t promote it here!

The featured networks:

These are quick links to the featured network descriptions below. Sorted A-Z.

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Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a leading channel in online advertising. Specifically catering to affiliate marketing and managed search, this Valueclick Inc. company is committed to providing top quality service and building lasting relationships with advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers who use the CJ affiliate marketing solutions are assured of improved sales for their businesses while publishers are given every opportunity to succeed in their endeavors by sustaining their ties with top advertisers and at the same time earn revenue with every advertising sale they make.
Established in 1998, this Santa Barbara California-based company boasts of a fair and secure affiliate marketing program that guarantees timely payment of commissions to publishers as well as quality sales and leads to valued advertisers.

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MarketLeverage is a leading affiliate marketing network that both advertisers and publishers can take advantage of to further their businesses. As one of the biggest cost per acquisition (CPA) networks on the internet, the company promises to provide effective media solutions that will ensure increased profits for all its users.

MarketLeverage has a unique approach in that it does not charge fees for mere clicks but only for genuine results. Online advertisers can choose from various marketing tools such as online banners, search engine and email marketing.

For publishers, MarketLeverage can provide committed and personalized service to help them earn their desired revenue and increase their web traffic.

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Text Link Ads

Advertisers and publishers can be assured of profits in their respective endeavors if they take advantage of Text Link Ads (TLA). This premier New York-based ad company specializes in placing static html links on top quality websites with high traffic.

Backed by marketing and search experts, Text Link Ads provides excellent service to various clients from small to large companies on the internet. Users of the TLA programs attest to positive results such as improved traffic, brand exposure and rankings on organic search engines.

Publishers using the TLA program can easily make money by selling Text Link Ads and following just five simple steps while advertisers can promote their businesses at very affordable prices without having to worry about cost per click or CPM rates.

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Advertising and making money from ad spaces is guaranteed to be an easy process with AdBrite, the internet’s ad marketplace. AdBrite has a large base of advertisers that include major brands such as GM, Verizon, Live Nation and AT&T. With a user friendly platform, signing up is quick and easy.

Advertisers are in for big money because AdBrite is capable of reaching up to 85 million online visitors covering some 70,000 websites with just a single purchase of a product of service. Publishers, meanwhile, can earn an income through quality and targeted ads on their sites. This means that website owners are assured of reaching their desired users and ads that suit their sites’ content.

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Performancing Ads

Online advertisers and web publishers wanting to make big money on the internet can turn to PerformancingAds. With a team of experienced internet professionals behind it and a unique approach to web advertising, PerformancingAds can surely deliver positive results to every user.

Advertisers can promote their businesses on premier as well as targeted websites and blogs in order to increase profits. For wider exposure to web users, they can even advertise across a blog network.
PerformancingAds has also introduced an exciting offer to publishers. Web publishers who have blogs can be assured of earning money without taking the extra effort to look for advertisers. Ad inventory is already guaranteed at the very start and publishers can choose to earn money or build credits that will allow their ads to appear on other sites.

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Widget Bucks

WidgetBucks is an advertising network experiencing rapid growth on the internet. It specializes in providing shopping widgets that let publishers, affiliates and bloggers earn money in just three easy steps. Established in October 2007, WidgetBucks is among the Top 30 ad networks.

Publishers and bloggers are privileged to be using an advanced advertising technology known as YieldSense in their goal of earning revenue for their websits. Profits can be earned through attractive cost per click and cost per thousand impressions advertisements covering millions of products in hundreds of different categories.

Advertisers can also attain their sales goals as WidgetBucks helps them reach their target audience across the world wide web including the so-called long tail or the hard to reach marketers.

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Teliad is a German company that specializes in text link advertising. With more than 75,000 link places on 15,000 URLs and in more than 35 categories, online business are guaranteed to benefit from Teliad’s unique online advertising form notably from its high quality content links and in links. For buyers, text links help drive web traffic and improves relevance for search engines while sellers get to earn more profits and get in touch with potential advertising customers. What’s more, customers have the freedom to choose the text links they want, the rates and their mode of payment. Teliad’s text links are now available in five languages.

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TradeDoubler is a Swedish-based digital marketing company that focuses on affiliate marketing using the latest technology. It offers online marketing strategies including contextual advertising and call tracking that are sure to give positive results such as increased brand awareness and web traffic. With TradeDoubler behind their back, advertisers can improve traffic and sales, generate leads and widen their audience reach. Publishers, for their part, can increase their revenues and optimize their inventory through affiliate programs and top rated advertisers. TradeDoubler utilizes a search marketing technology that allows for easy search marketing activities. It is backed by a team of digital experts who are always on hand to provide advice, consultancy and management services.

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Zanox offers unparalleled online marketing services that assur clients of increased ecommerce revenue. It has a unique automated interaction process that helps publishers and Zanox to work together in the areas of specific targeting of customers and opportunities, customizing statistics, program applications and the latest product data. In addition, publishers are given the freedom to develop their own business application or choose from the already available ones ranging from widgets to gadgets and in-game advertising. Zanox is unique in its approach as it encourages publishes to get their creativity to full use while at the same time they’re monetizing their websites. It also makes its infrastructure accessible to its clients.

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RevResponse is a leading pay-per-lead advertising network that helps both publishers and advertisers earn money with little efforts. Unlike the banner style of advertising, RevResponse makes use of compelling business content that publishers can utilize in their email and newsletters to earn income. Every lead is guaranteed to earn an income. Its RSS Feed allows publishers to provide free business content to their target market while it also allows the customization of offers through the RevResponse catalog. For their part, advertisers are given the freedom to promote their companies on either ecommerce websites, blogs, mailing lists or newsletter with an assurance of reaching a wide audience and earning the necessary profits.

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