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5 Excellent 10x Content Examples To Boost Your Blog Traffic

5 Excellent 10x Content Examples To Boost Your Blog Traffic

10x content examples

Want to create better content?

Then enter 10x content. Compared to a standard piece of original content, it’s better — 10x better.

The fact that it can increase your blog’s traffic gives 10x content an upper hand. Particularly, it can rank on Google faster and for more keywords because of its usefulness and length. It’s more shareable, too.

So, let’s not beat around the bush and learn from excellent 10x content examples.

1. The magic of copywriting


“Content is king,” says the timeless saying in the world of internet marketing. And an article on Kicksta’s blog, How to Turn Good Instagram Captions Into Great Captions – With 1000+ Examples, is proof.

The article is detailed. It starts out with a relatable perspective (if you own an Instagram account) — that creating Instagram captions can be difficult.

This is EXTREMELY useful as you can apply the same principles here to engage with your audience, whether it’s sending a DM on Instagram or leaving comments on other posts.

Then, it slowly introduces relevant topics such as how captions can increase engagement. And it wraps up the post with a list of Instagram captions that you can easily copy. Plus, it comes with bonus content — an infographic material.

Copywriting - Quick Links

Copywriting - Ideas

10x content elements:

  • Quick links section – It breaks down its myriad of information into easily accessible links.
  • Easy-to-read value – It supports its claim in the title with good readability and actionable tips. Plus, it shares copywriting ideas that readers can easily follow.
  • Well-organized structure – It features subheadings and examples. So, its long-form and in-depth discussions are not challenging to go through.

2. Visual introduction


A visual introduction to machine learning does exactly that — introduce you to machine learning visually. What makes it a winning example of 10x content? It proposes a visually appealing and entertaining approach to a rather dull subject.

It kicks things off by telling you about computers applying statistical learning techniques. Then, it integrates examples using machine learning models. And ultimately, it recaps its strongest points.

R2D3 - Visual Appeal

R2D3 - Recap

10x content elements:

  • Visual appeal – The website’s design is enticing. Just enough colors are present to provide value and entertainment — not to distract.
  • Interactive nature – It features moving elements that add fun and help visitors ease into the experience.
  • Concise texts – A smart choice of texts enables visitors to understand information that is otherwise hard to digest.

3. Information, numbers, and a simple journey


Fact: An easy-to-read article like How Moz Built a $35M Company Without A Single Salesperson is 10x content material.

In the post, the writer details the journey of Moz’s Rand Fishkin — and he didn’t pull any punches. He discusses how Moz’s guy could build a million-dollar empire from scratch.

Moz - Quote

Moz - Annual Revenue

10x content elements:

  • Loaded with highly engaging information – It provides a blast of information backed by facts. The same information is less dull to come across since they’re sprinkled with specifics and numbers.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand words – It uses “small words” to present details. It also uses quotes to highlight important points.
  • Straightforward post – It focuses on Moz, and in this case, Rand Fishkin’s story. No irrelevant topics or overly appealing visuals.

4. Direct advisory

Get Your Shit Together

Chanel Reynolds is the author of What Matters Most, co-founder of, and founder of Get Your Shit Together. Her purpose is to assist with wills, advance care directives, and other critical end-of-life documents. And her website is a clear-cut example of 10x content because it answers a problem — and it’s direct about it.

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engaging content blog

Get Your Shit Together - Life Goes Sideways


10x content elements:

  • Acknowledges a problem – Once you scroll down, you’ll find “Life Goes Sideways”, a useful and relatable section. And if you scroll down, you can read about how the idea for Get Your Shit Together came to be.
  • Proposes a solution – “Get your shit together” is advice you need to hear if you haven’t prepared for life’s possibilities.
  • Clever choice of words – The headline in this unique content is attention-grabbing. The supporting texts are easy-to-read, too.

5. Show of personality

Norbert - CTA Button

Meet Norbert, Voila Norbert’s email marketing tool. The moment he enters your life, he tells you how he can be of service:

“I can find anyone’s email address,” he says.

So, if his services are what you need, why not take him up on his offer?

Norbert - Social Proof

Norbert - Clear Design

10x content elements:

  • Above-the-fold CTA button – To take Norbert up on his offer, you need not navigate elsewhere on the page. The spot he introduces himself to you is also the same spot where you can click a Call-to-Action button.
  • Social proof – Well-known brands and CEOs associate themselves with Voila Norbert. For proof, just explore its homepage.
  • Clean design – The choice of contrasting colors over a white background makes for a pleasant atmosphere. Without objects and other distractions, you can easily understand the texts.

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