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11 New Instagram Tools and Updates to Improve Your Content

11 New Instagram Tools and Updates to Improve Your Content

New Instagram tools and updates were released late last year and every content creator is shaking with excitement. The social media platform inclines more on its users curating a set of pictures, and videos about their brands or content. From the first time it was launched, Instagram has been developing into one of the must-have social media platforms to have. It has developed its own chatting, story-sharing, video-sharing, and product selling features.

Now, newer and better Instagram tools and updates are here that are sure to improve any blogger or creator’s content. Here are some of them:

New Instagram Updates

Shopping on Instagram Reels – newest Instagram tools and updates

This feature was on a test drive for the latter part of 2020 and was officially launched in December. The shop tab was originally added back in October but it was available only on image posts. Now, users can also include their product details on their Instagram Reels. This is great for any blogger or content creator who wants to promote their personal merch.

The best feature for bloggers and content creators – Instagram Guides

What was originally available to very few content creators was made accessible to all users last November 2020. Instagram Guide is a platform update that allows its users to create article-like content. Users can promote their products and create posts. This is one of the best features for content creators and bloggers. Imagine creating a mini-blog on your account where you can add a short narrative to videos, products, or photos that you post.

Instagram Search – Like Googling on Instagram

Less of a tool and more of an update, Instagram users could now easily search topics on the platform. The Instagram Search update was introduced subtly last November 2020 and users are going to feel its full effects in the next coming months. This is a very helpful update for bloggers and content creators because users can now find their profile or Instagram page based on a content search. Before, it is hard for users to randomly see a profile on their feeds unless it is from a backlink or a sponsored post. Now, the odds of a user finding a blogger’s page is much higher with the help of the new Instagram search feature.

Watch Together – video sharing has never been this fun

Sending a DM on Instagram will never be the same again. TV Shows, Instagram Reels, and IGTV can now be watched together with friends, and loved ones through Instagram messenger. Through the video chat feature, any user connected via Instagram can watch IGTV, Reels, and TV Shows. Sharing videos has never been this fun and exciting before.

Music Stickers – Bring life to your content

The music sticker was originally available only to a few countries but was made available to all users globally by October of 2020. What is cooler than adding a soundtrack to your showcase? In fact, according to the Instagram help page, if lyrics are available on their database the user can personalize by choosing fonts and designs. Users can even choose which specific part of the song they wish to play, the song limit is up to 15 seconds.

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New Third-Party Instagram Tools


One of the most important things to have when creating content on social media is to have a management app or tool. Sendible is a tool to curate and manage different social media platforms in one place. An important feature is scheduling posts and content.

Image Source: Sendible Website

4K Stogram

Another important tool every content creator must-have is a backup tool. The 4K Stogram app creates a backup for any Instagram account within seconds.

Image Source: 4K Stogram Website


Everyone knows that adding links on any Instagram profile is impossible. Shorby is a great too to by-pass that and create a link to help drive traffic towards a website or account. Basically, it also works as a link shortener.

Image Source: Shorby Website


Listening tools are now very popular for social media bloggers and content creators. This provides access to different data like competitors, mentions, and responses. Awario helps bloggers and content creators transform these data into useful tools to promote and increase interactions with their blogs, social media accounts, and websites.

Image Source: Awario Website


This tool is 100% free and is one of the greatest tools any blogger should have. It is an Instagram hashtag and keyword generator. Simply upload an image onto Photerloo and it will generate appropriate Instagram hashtags and keywords. This uses a machine learning technique to analyze an image to generate keywords and hashtags.

Image Source: Photerloo Website

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