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21 Inspiring Women Bloggers to Follow in 2021

21 Inspiring Women Bloggers to Follow in 2021

The world is filled with inspiring women bloggers, you just have to find the time to sift through all of them to find the right inspiration. In fact, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by all of them! Here are some of the most inspiring women bloggers to follow this 2021. May all these inspiring women bloggers stimulate your creativity and motivate you to create content even when times are dull and weary.

The Savvy Writer

Amandah Blackwell is the author of the Savvy Writer, and she is indeed savvy. Most of her content focuses on content marketing, digital marketing, goal setting, and EVERYTHING you need to know about SEO and blogging. She is the best inspiration for ‘Blogger Goals’ as she gives great advice for both career and business.

The Doglady’s Den

A blogger and dog enthusiast, this blog is an interesting read. She writes about her childhood, her childhood dogs, and more. On top of that, her blog is an exhibition of her photography and music. Her blog just states that you can write anything as long as you’re passionate about it, it is never too late.

Green LA Girl

Not only does she write about the environment, but she also writes about health, lifestyle, parenthood, food, and education.

Cherish 365

This website is not only a blog, it is also a community for child-raising. Written by Jennifer Borget, she launched it in hopes of encouraging others (particularly moms) to find something to be thankful for and cherish every day.

My Plastic-Free Life

In a place where climate change is shunned, you have to be one tough cookie to advocate for the environment. Environmental protection indeed starts at the home. What better ways to teach others of living plastic-free than to share your experiences with others who want to be inspired by you.

Sixty And Me

This is a great fashion and lifestyle blog for women over 50. Who says the internet does not belong to everybody? There MUST be online content that caters to the needs and interests of older adults. Written by Margaret Manning, it is rare to find websites like this. Now, she helps a community of millions of women over 50 all over the world. The website is filled with so many lovely people. The comments section IS THE MOST WHOLESOME place as well.

The Career Girl Daily

From getting ready for the day to actually surviving the daily grind – this website is for all career women out there! How do you get enough sleep? How do you stay fit and healthy working a 9 to 5? What can we do on our days off? Everything a career girl needs, they get here.

Kitty Kat Gaming

Among so many girl gamers out there, Kitty Kat Gaming proves to the world that there is no gender in gaming. She explains her experiences and reviews for every game she plays. She is such an inspiration for young children who are into gaming like her.

The Corporette

This website is all about the boss lady fashion. Not only that, but it also covers organization tips, works from home tips, career advice, and corporate mom tips. There are even articles about management, boundaries, mentorship, and more. Where else to get corporate tips for moms than corporate moms themselves, right?


Written by a group of women, this website is one of the most inspiring design pages online. This website discusses trends, appliances, furniture like nobody’s business.

Uplifting Families

This website is all about parenthood, written by the First Lady of Utah Jeanette Herbert. It is a resource for working moms, single moms, co-parenting moms, and more. It deals with uplifting parenting, raising loving children, and building healthy family cultures.

Wonder of Tech

Written by a lawyer, a tech lover, who also happens to be a woman and a mom. She says she launched the website for both tech lovers and tech haters to teach about any new trends in technology.

Jodi Aman

A motivational speaker, Jodi Aman teaches about emotional resilience, healing, and moving on. How do women stand up after falling on their knees? This is a great website to visit as it talks about how wellbeing should always be a priority.

Madam Money

Also a motivational speaker, Tarra Jackson teaches women about financial expertise.

Dr. Jen Fit

Learn about your body through her amazing podcasts and programs.

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Fashion Nerd

For every woman who lives and breathes fashion. Be inspired just by looking at her photographs.


Although her workouts are sure to immobilize your body for a few days, Cassey Ho’s uplifting persona just wants you to keep going.

A Cup of Jo

A blog about everything! From food to fashion and relationships to motherhood.

Shanty 2 Chic

Written by sisters, Shanty 2 Chic just shows any woman can handle tools, flip-up furniture, and make a living out of it.

Wealthy Single Mommy

How do we make money, love ourselves, and raise children all at the same time? This inspiring website written by Emma Johnson writes just about that.

The Style Files

Style is everything and this blog shows just that. The blog exhibits inspiring photos that would surely motivate you to create your own, as a blogger.


Miraculous Ladies

This website was created for all single moms in the world. Miraculous Ladies was established to empower single moms and create a support system for them.

Hello Giggles

The tagline of this website – We Tell Your Stories. And, they do just that. The blog explores beauty and fashion. But it also explores lifestyle and love.

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