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3 Link Building Methods Every Blogger Should Be Using

3 Link Building Methods Every Blogger Should Be Using

Ranking in the search results is one of the most important factors in finding success with a blog. With over a billion active sites on the internet today and more than 300 million of them being blogs, there is simply way too much content being created on a daily basis. While most site owners are focusing solely on the content creation aspect, it’s the sites that focus on SEO and link building methods that will stand out from the crowd.

When trying to rank a website in Google, the most important thing to remember is that there are only ten organic listings on each page. At the same time, it’s also important to realize if you don’t rank on the main page, you might as well not rank at all. This means it’s extremely important to make sure all of your content is of the highest quality at all times. Site owners should also make sure they are as niche focused, while also trying to rank for less competitive long-tail keywords.

To help with this process, site owners needs to create original and shareable content that not only provides value but also makes building backlinks and getting site mentions a lot easier. Below you will find a list of some of the most effective ways to create original content, while also keeping the concept of long-term value and link building in mind.

Participate In and Create Expert Roundups

For anyone who has been active in the world of blogging and content creation over the past couple of years, you’ve likely seen expert roundups across many different sites in your niche — especially if you are in the online marketing and entrepreneur space.

The concept of expert roundups is just as it sounds. To create an expert roundup, site owners simply need to perform outreach to experts and authority figures within their space and ask them a simple question. After enough experts reply with a response, the site owner can then publish a post with thousands of words of content while also highlighting many different experts within their niche. To get a better understanding of how this can be done in different industries, check out this list of expert roundup examples in various niche markets.

SEO Experts Roundup on ZacJohnson

The benefits of expert roundups are two-fold: Site owners get to create amazing content, while also likely gaining massive exposure from all of the experts featured in the post. This will likely happen as many of the experts interviewed will share the posts on social media and sometimes even link to it back from their sites. As an expert (the ones being interviewed), the benefit is not only getting their expertise featured on other sites, it also helps with backlinks and SEO as well.

In addition to taking part in expert roundups, you may also have the opportunity to take part in solo expert interviews as well. You can see a recent example of this in my email marketing tips interview. In this same scenerio, the site owner had the benefit of featuring an expert on their site and add new content, while the expert gained exposure.

Infographics Bring Text Content to Life

Of all the different types of shareable content out there, it’s safe to say that infographics are one of the most effective. With content overload already taking place on the internet, infographics make it easy to consume data fast, while also being visually appealing. At the same time, infographics can be used in nearly any niche and for any demographic audience. You will even find an infographic category on this blog as well.

Srish Aragwal of, has been creating infographics for thousands of brands over the past several years. When asked about the future of infographics and if they still have a place in the world of online marketing today, he had the following to say:

Srish Agrawal“Infographics are just as important today as they were several years ago. The biggest difference between sites and brands that find success with infographics and those who don’t are the ones that put in the time and effort to aggressively promote their infographics. This is not a “set and forget” solution. You must promote your infographic to your audience and perform the necessary outreach to media outlets and site partners to further increase exposure and backlinks to your site or brand.”

Before going live with an infographic of your own, be sure to take the time to know your audience and create content based on what your audience is looking for. After all, what is the value in creating an infographic on something irrelevant to your main business or monetization practice? There isn’t one. Know your audience and create content that converts visitors into leads.

Start a Podcast to Reach New Audiences

Ranking a website at the top of Google isn’t going to be easy. After all, you are competing against the rest of the world. This means you are going to need to create much better content than anyone else.

A perfect example of “doing better than the competition”, would be a podcast. Podcasting is the latest craze and evolution of content, blowing regular text content out of the water. Creating audio content not only brings your content and engagement to life, it also allows for connecting with your audience when they are on the go, in their cars, at the gym or anywhere else they might want to listen through their mobile device.

So how can a podcast help with SEO? In many ways, such as ranking content within Apple iTunes (and other audio directories to reach completely new audiences), transcribing audio content into text to post to your site, ranking organically for podcast episode topics and guest names. This is a method I’ve personally been using since launching my own podcast.

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To see some examples of how these SEO methods are working for other sites and content creators, check out this list of top marketing podcasts recently mentioned on Forbes.

Top Podcasts on iTunes

The great thing about podcasting is that the game has only just begun. While there are over a billion sites on the internet, there are still roughly under a million active podcasts listed within iTunes, while there are well over a billion active listeners/subscriptions in place.

Even more exciting about podcasting, is that it’s easier to get started than you might think. There is no need to be a professional speaker, have high-end equipment or even know how to edit audio. All of this can be done at minimal costs through the use of software like GarageBand, and everyone gets better with podcasting over time.

Quality Content Wins When Trying to Rank in Google

At the end of the day, if you want to create a website or blog that ranks at the top of the search results, you need to create high-quality shareable content that provides value. Each of the three methods mentioned above are perfect examples of how to do this.

No matter if you want to create an expert roundup, infographic or a podcast, it’s all about knowing your audience and giving them what they want. However, the difference between your site and everyone else already doing this, is the outreach and promotion you are going to put in place after your content goes live.

Spend some quality time on the content creation process, but even more time on its promotion. Don’t go live with an article and then forget about it. This will allow you to build the necessary backlinks, authority, and exposure to keep your content ranking higher in Google.

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