3 Things Your Small Business Blog Needs To Be Successful

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. You have the motivation and the passion for success, but do you have all the tools you need to crush the competition? There are a few tips that successful small business owners swear by to keep those profits up and the headaches low.

Customer Service

You probably have a small staff. Heck, it might even be a one-man-show. You can be successful without pulling yourself in a hundred directions. However, your customers aren’t concerned about how many employees you have. All they expect is a top-notch experience and quality customer service. Great customer service is one of the main reasons people come back for more and spread the news as well.

To address your staffing concern, consider outsourcing some of these customer service tasks. Several reputable centers offer a full customer service concierge service. We’re talking 24/7 service that includes phone, online chat, email, fax and several other options. Your customers will have a huge list of convenient ways to get what they need without any added stress on your agenda. Several reputable outsourcing services are addressing the concerns of the past “call center” perceptions. The staff is taught to make each customer feel genuinely taken care of.

Business writer and Entrepreneur contributor, Joanna Krotz, writes that it is important to realize that just because you own a small business doesn’t mean that you have great customer service skills.

“To decide if a contact center would add value, weigh advantages and disadvantages for your company’s culture, service needs, staff skills and resources. Remember, in order to grow, you’ll need to relinquish control to a third party — not always easy,” Krotz explains. “Take a hard look at your customer experience. Personal attention is always touted as the hallmark of small business, but that could be far from the case.”

Website Features

In today’s mobile age, most of your website visitors will be viewing your site on a handheld device. Make sure the mobile version of your site is operable and easy to use. One of the most overlooked parts of a mobile site is the checkout process, so make sure to give it a try! Other important features your site should have are visible contact information and obvious calls to action. We aren’t saying a huge flashing “buy now” button is the most appropriate choice, but we wouldn’t say no to something pretty similar.

Basically, make it easy as possible for your visitors and potential customers to find what they need. Just because you don’t have issues navigating your site doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Get some friends to give it a test, they will alert you to any issues. Keep track of how your site is performing by making yourself familiar with your site’s analytics. This will let you know the when, where and whys of your web traffic.

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Blog, Blog, Blog

Obviously, we are huge advocates for blogging but there are some people out there that aren’t taking advantage of all of the opportunities a blog can bring. If you have a small business site and don’t have a blog, you are missing out on a huge marketing tool. A blog is a great way to connect with potential customers and attract new visitors. Many online customers say there were persuaded to make a purchase after reading a post by a company.

Make sure you are also taking advantage of social media. Don’t just post business links, but also your latest blog posts. Allow people to enjoy your site and eventually they will convert to customers.

As a small business, your website is one of your most important assets. Make sure you are protecting it and using it to its full advantage. Use it to connect with potential customers and start conversations in your industry. As you build a reputation, you will see your profits and customer base expand, all thanks to your site!

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