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3 Ways to Create a Killer Blog

3 Ways to Create a Killer Blog

Why do some blogs take off and become wildly popular while others struggle to attract any attention? It isn’t a coincidence that some bloggers are much more successful than others, and it boils down to more than just having interesting posts.

If you’re in the dark about what goes into making a killer blog, then get ready to be surprised at the many tricks to gaining traction as a blogger. It’s definitely not luck or fate that’s making the most popular bloggers of today successful.

Here are a few musts if you’re looking to create that popular blog you’ve always dreamed about.

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  • Know exactly who your audience is and cater specifically to them. It would be nearly impossible to cater to everyone while writing a blog. When you’re starting a blog, decide who you’d like your audience to be, and write specifically for them. If you’re having a difficult time deciding who you want to write for, consider what topics and forums you’ll be writing about. Doing this should help you narrow down who your audience will be.
  • Once your audience is defined, you’ll be able to spend time marketing your blog to that group of people. As you attract readers who fit into your audience, they’re much more likely to become repeat visitors to your blog, due to their specific interest in the common theme of your blog posts.
  • Find what makes your blog unique and capitalize on it. With over 6 million blogs available for readers today, it’s very unlikely that your blog will have content that no one else has, so find a unique twist that only your blog can provide. Often times, what makes a blog unique and captivating is the voice and personality that pops out at the readers. If you’ve always been the class clown, the sarcastic friend, or the debbie downer, make sure that those aspects of your personality really shine when you’re creating your blog.
  • Another great way to set your blog apart is to make sure you’re the best of the best at something specific. Whether it’s always having the most timely information on specific tech gear, or dedicating hours upon hours to testing every single makeup brand, finding something that you’re willing to invest your time (and possibly your money) into will attract an audience that doesn’t have the time or interest to do the same research, but is still wanting the information you’ve collected.
  • Understand how to conversate through a blog. Even if you’re the most knowledgeable sports fanatic on earth, sports fans won’t enjoy reading your blog if you speak down to them, are rude, lack personality, or are egotistical (to name a few). Lighten up, and take time to create posts that make people feel like you’re speaking to them in a comfortable, fun way.
  • Just like any other type of communication, if you’re trying too hard and aren’t able to just be yourself, people will be turned off and less likely to become interested. If you find yourself with writer’s block, take a break and come back to your blog when your head’s in the game and you’re feeling confident. As mentioned above, readers love to get a feel for your personality while they take in what you’re writing about; so make sure the personality displayed is a cool, calm, and collected one that people would love to be friends with in real life.

There are so many different aspects that go into capturing an audience online and keeping them coming back for more. Take these tips and ideas with you on your blogging journey and you’re sure to have a successful blog with plenty of personality.

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