4 Bad Blogging Habits and How to Break Them

Blogging is a repetitive profession. Successful bloggers often develop routines that allow them to write multiple articles in a single day. Yet, blogging on a regular basis can also cause copywriters to fall into bad habits that affect the quality of their work. Indeed, because bloggers tend to have a lot of autonomy, they may start engaging in poor professional practices without even realizing it. With that in mind, today we’ll focus on four common, bad habits that afflict most bloggers at some point or another. Check them out here so you can identify them and break out of them ASAP:

Writing During Burnout

Everyone gets burned out from time to time. It is, unfortunately, simply a part of working in the modern world. However, bloggers should be particularly aware of the signs and symptoms of burnout. Trying to write when you feel tired, drained, sleepy, or significantly disengaged will naturally have a detrimental impact on your performance. As such, bloggers need to schedule plenty of breaks for themselves throughout the day. And, if possible, avoid pulling any all-nighters. Content written after midnight is normally going to require substantial editing the next morning anyway.

Going it Alone

Ideally, bloggers should always have at least one colleague they can trust to review their work. Self-editing is incredibly difficult, so it’s generally a good idea to ask others to review and double-check anything important before you submit it. Peer reviews may seem unnecessary or even unpleasant, but they can save you from making some serious blogging mistakes.

Sticking to a Formula

If you’re bored by how you write blogs, then you can be sure your audience is bored reading them. True, developing a writing formula can help you stay on point and organized. However, there’s a big difference between writing  a coherent article and “writing by numbers.” If you ever feel trapped writing a blog, then consider doing something different and creative. Trust us, your readers will appreciate the change. Note, hiring a guest blogger or guest blogging yourself can be a great way to break out of a rut!

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Lots of bloggers are perfectionists. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, criticizing your own work too much and too often can be detrimental to your confidence. Remember, no article is ever going to be perfect. So don’t let a mistake or two slow you down. You can always go back and change things later on as needed too.


Whether you’re writing about how to find bunion pain relief or surprising facts about skydiving, keeping these tips in mind will help ensure you achieve a positive outcome for your blog.

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