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4 Features that Will Enhance Your Blog

4 Features that Will Enhance Your Blog

Blogging has been a very popular hobby and means of earning during this pandemic. With all the time that freelance bloggers have now, you may have noticed that there is indeed a strong competition present.

Unless your blog is just starting out, odds are you’ve been posting professional articles on your site for months –– if not years –– already. If that situation sounds familiar, you may currently be struggling to drive traffic to your blog or to build upon your current audience. After all, blog content in and of itself is somewhat limited. The good news is that innovative bloggers can add engaging elements to their articles to improve visitor experience and to generate more interest in their site in general. To that end, here are four features that will make a positive impact on your blog. Check them out here and consider incorporating a few ASAP:

Table of Contents

Long-form articles are great. They have tremendous SEO potential and readers tend to appreciate detailed blogs with lots of quality content. What they don’t like is having to scroll through thousands of words of copy just to find one section that’s relevant to their needs. As such, it makes a lot of sense to include a table of contents with a link to every section in your piece at the top of every blog page. This way, interested consumers can find exactly what they need and have a better experience on your site.

Interactive Graphics

Does it take some time to create interactive graphs, tools, and charts to support blog content? Yes, of course. Is it worth the time and effort? In many cases, yes. Readers enjoy supporting infographics and tools that allow them to interact with a subject in a way that pure blog copy doesn’t. One great example of this concept in action is this key man insurance calculator, which acts as a perfect complement to business insurance articles. By including a feature like that in a blog, a consumer can see exactly how a product or service functions.

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Active Comment Section

The best blogs create a community of avid readers who love to share related stories and insights with each other. One of the best ways to foster this sort of community is to encourage and respond to any comments you receive on your blog posts. Naturally, always be careful when discussing anything online in a comment section; respect and good judgment are paramount to success in this regard.


Ideally, your blog should act as a springboard for your readers to explore a topic further. Therefore, it’s a good practice to include a variety of backlinks to your own site –– as well as links to other quality sites –– in every blog you post. Readers value articles that help them discover new, relevant information. And if your blog can accomplish that consistently, you’ll benefit from it in the long run.

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