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5 Mistakes that are Holding Back Your Blog’s Success

5 Mistakes that are Holding Back Your Blog’s Success

I am sure you’ve come across plenty of articles about the mistakes bloggers shouldn’t make regarding their blogs and how they must avoid certain pitfalls if they want to leverage the immense potential of blogs to generate revenue. You’ll be forgiven for thinking this one is along the same lines, because it is.

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The fact is there are so many mistakes that can trip a blogger, and each one of them is as critical as the other; this means there is always something new to say. In this article, I’ve tried to identify and explain those mistakes that are not very self-evident and which are associated with the bloggers attitude rather than his/her writing skills.

So, let’s take a look:

Your Objective is to Earn Money

The roots of blogging lie in the need to offer information and that too from your personal point of view. If you’re blogging purely to earn money off your blog, you’ll end up making the wrong choices as far as the content is concerned.  What many bloggers fail to understand or give importance to, is the fact that blogging is primarily and will always remain an activity for disbursing information. It’s not a revenue generation activity.

To put this particular point in perspective, think about all those blogs that you’ve accessed wherein, all you see on the blog pages are numerous ads vying for your attention and the actual content is relegated to below the fold. I’m sure this irritated the hell out of you and the credibility of the blog went down a few notches in your eyes.

As a blogger, it’s important to remember that you are targeting an audience that is intelligent enough to understand your objective behind the blog. If they think the sole purpose behind your blog is to earn money, and that this is affecting the quality of your content, they will avoid it like the plague.

Your Content is just a Rehash of Existing Information

What people are looking from your blog are new ideas, opinions and suggestions. They do not want information that is already available elsewhere. If you’re just regurgitating information that you’d read somewhere else on the web, you’re not doing any favors to your blog. Rehashed content won’t get you anywhere.

There are plenty of bloggers whose typical work day involves identifying popular pieces of content on the web and rewriting them for their blogs. This is a big mistake. Nobody appreciates such content. However, if you read some of the popular pieces on the web and come up with your own ideas and opinions with respect to the points made in that content, it will be valued by your target readers.


Are you creating some really useful and actionable content for your blog, and still not getting the desired results? If this is the case, take a look at your regularity in terms of posting. Are you posting on your blog, regularly, at least twice a week (once a day is ideal, but here I am keeping the worst case scenario in mind, wherein you are criminally short of time for some reason or other)? No! If that’s your answer, then you essentially have an answer to your problem. You can’t be having a huge gap between two blog posts, and hope your blog will still deliver value. You need to post regularly and while doing so, make no compromises on quality. As can be imagined, this is a difficult task, but nobody said blogging was easy.

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You’re Not Interacting with your Readers

Yes, you’ve got some great content on your blog and you are posting with some regularity on your blog, but why is your blog still not attracting visitor? The problem might lie in your inability to interact with your readers by way of your comments section or through social media. Remember, there are plenty of readers who will want to share their opinions about your post, so why not give them this opportunity through the comments section. You could also answer a query or explain a point they haven’t appreciated or understood.

Another way of interacting with your readers is through Facebook and Twitter. Many of your blog readers will be a part of your fans and followers list on social media. After you share a link to your latest posts, try to get some direct feedback from them. The idea is to make them feel invested in your blog. It’s about letting them know, you care about what their opinion is, are amenable to criticism and taking note of their feedback. This will help improve your credibility vis-à-vis your target readers. This in turn will help you build a loyal readership.


If you’ve been blogging for quite some time now, there is a risk of stagnancy. The fact that you’re providing more of the same things might be what is putting off readers. You need to continuously evolve your writing skills, the quality of your information and the variety of content that you provide in your blog. So, if you’ve been only focusing on textual posts, why not offer an infographic or two.  The idea is to keep giving your readers something new and to keep stretching the bounds of your creativity, expertise and experience.

Otherwise, your blog will stop growing after a period of time, as far as the readership is concerned.

End Words

So, here they are – the five mistakes that you are probably making and which are hindering the success of your blog. Take a closer look at your blogging efforts and check whether you’re making these mistakes. These are essentially below the radar errors which are not immediately evident. So take some time to analyze your blogging efforts and if you think, you’re making these mistakes, make a conscious effort to set them right.

This post was writting by Jeff Davis, who lives in California and is currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash – A place for selling a laptop online. He has been in this field for the last 6 years and is responsible for troubleshooting issues. Interact to discuss projects, technology solutions.

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