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5 Simple Steps to Create Great Video Content for a Blog

5 Simple Steps to Create Great Video Content for a Blog

At first glance it may seem as though creating video content for a blog is easy enough – all you really need is a killer idea, a way to record the video, and you should be good to go. Unfortunately it really isn’t that easy, and if you want to create great video content you may be surprised to know that starts long before the camera begins to roll.

While undoubtedly there are numerous different approaches that are used to create video content, most tend to start with these five simple steps:

1. Define your audience

Before you begin to think about the video you intend to create, you should first think about the people who are going to watch it. Define that audience in as detailed a manner as possible, including their age, gender, interests, common challenges, goals, and so on. By clearly setting as much of that out as possible, you will then be able to make better decisions regarding the video that you eventually create.

2. Decide on the purpose of the video and its message

Video content is used on blogs for a variety of different purposes. In some cases it is pure content designed to attract attention and interest viewers, while in others it is used to indirectly promote products, generate sales, or even build up brand awareness. Needless to say the message that you want your video to put across will vary in each of these cases, which is why you should decide on both before proceeding further.

3. Brainstorm topics and types of videos

Based on the message of the video, you should be able to get off to a running start when thinking about the various topics and types of videos that you could create. Keep in mind that often the same topic can be looked at from multiple slants, and the different perspectives could make a world of difference. Similarly there is no one best ‘type’ of video for any given topic, and it is largely a question of what type of video you feel is best to cover the topic you select.

4. Write a script and go over it again, and again

Every great video starts with a good script – and you should definitely make it a habit to script out all of your videos. The script that you write should be as detailed as possible, and not only provide the dialogue, but also details about the scene, setting, how it will be portrayed, and so on. Once you’ve written the script, be sure to go over it and tidy it up as well as revise any parts if need be.

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5. Record the video

Finally you should be ready to record the video, either using a video camera, video recorder for PC, or some other capture device. Make no mistake there are many factors in this stage that will affect the outcome of your video, such as the camerawork, audio and video quality, and so on – so it may help to look into ways to improve your skills and technique when recording videos.

As you can see the real trick to create great video content for a blog is to lay the groundwork well in advance and plan it out carefully. By doing so you will be able to ensure that the video you come up with is far better positioned to be of interest to your audience and fulfill its goals. It can be tricky to pull all this off, but if you get into the workflow early then in time you’ll be able to perfect it.

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