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5 Stealthy Tactics of Guest Posting

5 Stealthy Tactics of Guest Posting

SEO madness with excessive numbers of backlinks might have led to a temporary decline in popularity of guest posting services in content marketing (which didn’t last for long), but for bloggers guest posts always remained a steady way to get promotion and recognition. If you desperately wish to gain more readers or to reach new target audience, perhaps you should give guest posting a try. However, you’d better use certain stealthy tactics not to let yourself and your target blog down.

Watch Your Style

It’s not that readers don’t like variety or guest posts in general. But one doesn’t come to a certain professional blog just for the content or specific information. The peculiarities of writing style, the way the main author of the blog explains stuff, the atmosphere, created by blog posts – that is what matters. If you ignore the importance of these things, don’t get surprised if your guest post gets declined by the host of the chosen blog.

Tit for Tat

Don’t be afraid to offer “tit for tat” option to the colleagues of your level. Of course, if you are a beginner and you wish to publish your guest post in a blog of an authoritative specialist in your field, it’s pretty naïve to hope that he will fall for that option. But it’s a common practice between the equals, and if both of you write your texts neatly, it might lead to a strong partnership in the future.

Pretend It’s Not About You

There is one thing absolutely everyone hates about promotional guest posts. Yep, you got it right – the fact that they are promotional. When using guest posts as a tool in their content marketing strategies, entrepreneurs try to avoid straight references to their businesses (if they play smart, of course). Same goes for bloggers – don’t invite the readers to your blog in your post, give them a good reason to do it by providing a particularly useful piece of content.

Don’t Double-Cross (Unsafely)

Plagiarism sucks, as well as attempts to publish same post in different blogs. However, what if you found a particularly awesome topic and it proved to bring an impressive number of new readers to your blog? Well, here’s a tip – write several guest posts on this topic, but explore it from different angles. That way you will succeed and won’t get any blame for being dishonest.

People Love Instructions

In case you aren’t sure what you should write in your guest post (bearing in mind the fact that it’s highly not recommended to simply promote your blog), write a piece of advice or an instruction regarding your field of expertise. First – if you really know the problem you are writing about, you will provide the best result; second – readers love posts with instructions and will be attracted to your blog, seeking for more.

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In fact, guest posting is one of the most useful and safe tools for bloggers that want to expand their target audience. However, every tool of promotion is to be used carefully and accurately, and that is why we provided you with stealthy tactics, mentioned above.

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