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5 Things to Know When Starting a Financial Blog

5 Things to Know When Starting a Financial Blog

Whether you want to let your creative juices flow or simply need to start a side project, launching a blog of your own is the simplest way to achieve your objective.

But with plenty of options at your disposal, it can be difficult to zero down on a topic to cover through your blog. Our suggestion for one of the top subjects? A financial blog.

Why you ask? There are plenty of reasons for that.

Out of all common topics, finance is one of the most overlooked yet fascinating sectors to write about. Since most bloggers tend to cover pop culture, sports, or cooking, the space for finance is less saturated. This gives you more room to shine and provides you with more exposure to an audience that’s hungry for relevant content.

Here are the top tips to get the most out of your brand new project and to kickstart your financial blog.

Cover Hot and Trending Topics

One of the best ways to get traction for your financial blog is by covering trending topics and news stories. This makes sure that you post content that is relevant to the current times and doesn’t seem out of touch with your readers.

For example, writing about the coronavirus’ (COVID-19) effect on financial markets and stakeholders’ efforts to restore their stability could be a great way to stay relevant to your audience.

You could also write about industry players who are seeing a boon during the pandemic. As long as you keep your takes interesting, writing about hot topics can generate massive interest from your target audience.

Write About Industry Mavens

Another way to give some strength to your blog is by writing about major industry entities. Whether you are covering budding startups or big corporations, a well-written profile can establish your name in the sector.

The key is to make sure that your content covers renowned brands in your respective sector. It gives you maximum exposure out of your content. It also lets you build a fan base of people who follow the entity out of genuine interest. Creating content that features reputable organizations also helps you come up with search results that are solely about the brands in question, working towards enhancing your web presence.

Share Competent Advice

Apart from sharing news stories or covering reputable entities, you should also share competent advice on your blog from time to time. This ensures that your audience doesn’t only see you as a news source, but also as a credible entity they could turn to for relevant suggestions.

This tactic works wonders in the financial sector, where people look towards expert advice to make informed decisions regarding their investments, savings, and other financial steps.

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For your financial blog, you can take this advice directly from the experts themselves. If possible, reach out to professionals for interviews and ask them questions on highly specific topics. This ensures that you are giving your readers something of substance, which keeps them interested in your blog.

Pay Attention to Search Engine Optimization

No matter what kind of blog you run, getting relevant visitors from the search engines is critical for its success. You can pay attention to this crucial aspect by looking into your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

From looking for relevant keywords to optimizing your onsite structure, running a holistic SEO campaign ensures that you can get the exposure you need to hold a successful blog. By ranking higher on Google search results for top industry terms, you can increase the number of visitors that your website receives on a gradual basis.

In the long run, SEO doesn’t only let you get the audience you need but also helps you monetize your efforts into actual earnings. More traffic can give you the ability to show banner ads on your website, and even earn the opportunity to showcase brand endorsements fairly and ethically.

You Don’t Have to Do It All On Your Own

You can spend all of your time working on the myriad pieces that combine to make a successful blog, or you can turn to outside help. The second option will leave you with a lot more time and energy to focus on the actual creation of content, and some agencies work exclusively with content creators. Fullscreen, an agency with financial backing from The Chernin Group (TCG), is an example of one such company. Their portfolio includes YouTube vloggers, TikTok stars, and more.

These tips can help you put together a finance blog worth reading in just a few steps. In case you feel overwhelmed at any point, remember this: If Sir Isaac Newton can discover the law of gravitation while working from home during a pandemic, you can definitely start a blog in a similar situation.

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