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5 Top Tips on How to Be a Top Game Blogger

5 Top Tips on How to Be a Top Game Blogger

There’s a vast difference between the best and worst blogs, regardless of topic. To help, we’ve recently covered some of the best ways to improve your blog. Taking active measures, such as learning improvement methods, is essential for long-term success. Much of the advice discussed in recent articles applies directly to today’s subject: game blogging.

Writing about games is a multifaceted subject. Writers may focus strictly on reviews or hot industry topics. Others cover both areas and more, providing editorial pieces, too. Whether you are looking to enhance your game blog or start a new one, there is a lot to learn.

Becoming the Best

These are the top tips for being a top game blogger:

1. Deliver Your Voice

Audiences should visit your blog because it’s your blog. In the gaming world, this equates to having an authentic gamer’s opinion. Are you a console fan, or do you prefer PC? If the former, which manufacturer do you favor? Your background and preferences make up the DNA of your blogging voice. If you don’t already inject your point of view into each post, you should.

Your blog is not a traditional news outlet; it’s a conversational place. Speak to your audience and deliver your voice. Look at the top gaming blogs, according to Ranker. Rock, Paper, Shotgun is #1, and it’s filled with opinions. Each post conveys the writer’s train of thought very clearly. Follow that method, and you’ll be on the way to achieving higher levels of success.

2. Vary the Format

Successful game blogging involves more than just words on a website. The best game blogs are rich with multimedia. When is the last time you played a text-based game? If your answer is something other than “never,” you’re in the minority. Modern games are visual, with photorealistic, 3D graphics or retro, 2D styles. When covering a specific game, you should show readers what you’re mentioning.

Add images of level maps, and insert animated GIFs of character actions directly in between paragraphs. Furthermore, link to gameplay videos on your YouTube or Twitch channel. Your game blog doesn’t have to be fully text-based. There are plenty of popular video game podcasts, too, with growing lists of subscribers. Delve into podcasting, and your game blog could skyrocket.

3. Do the Research

You might not have fond memories of writing research papers in school; maybe that’s why you became a game blogger. Researching games involves playing them. When you write about a specific title or series, you should know the topic thoroughly well. This equates to spending more than just a few minutes watching YouTube videos or playing a demo.

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The most captivating blog posts are well-researched and informative. You don’t have to master every combo in a fighting game or discover every secret treasure in a single-player adventure. But, you should know enough about the game’s characters, levels, and storyline to inform your readers. Pick up the controller for a little longer, and take notes while you play. For maximum efficiency, record voice memos on your phone or online.

4. Stay Current

Outdated blogs lack the potential for maximum growth. If you’re a successful blogger, then you already know the value of posting consistently. Nothing in the gaming realm remains for too long. One game might be hot this week, and it’s out of the public eye next week. Top game bloggers keep track of trends and stay up-to-date. Monitoring gaming platforms, such as, is essential for longevity.

Keep up with the times, and always be aware of the newest games. By noticing brand-new, trending games on Poki, you can post on your blog before others. When people search for that game, your blog will reap the rewards.

5. Get Involved

Your blog isn’t a one-way street. You might be the only person posting new articles, but readers should be able to reply. A comment section is essential for cultivating conversations. The audience can answer questions that you, or readers, pose. They can post messages to one another and have heated debates. Strong opinions are part of what makes gaming culture so unique. Your gaming blog should welcome the community. If it does so successfully, you will be well on your way to the top.

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