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5 Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Blog

5 Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Blog

There are some who argue that writer’s block is just a myth. But for those who have spent hours staring at a computer screen, writing sentences and erasing them over and over, it’s far from a myth. The next time you’re struggling to find inspiration for your blog, give these tricks a shot.

1. Travel for New Experiences

Even if you’re not a travel blogger, you can still experience new things and spur your creativity through travel. Everything you experience on a trip, from the deep fried Twinkie you had at the Iowa State Fair to whale watching on the beaches of California, will give you something new to write about; and if you’re a good writer, you’ll be able to make it fit your blog’s theme.

Watch for budget travel experiences so you can take a short trip without breaking the bank. Getting time off shouldn’t be a problem. It’s one of the perks of having your own blog!

2. Read Other Blogs Outside Your Niche

It’s a good idea to spend time reading what other bloggers in your niche are writing about, but it can also be your downfall. Too many bloggers get so caught up in what’s happening in their industry that they forget there are valuable things happening in the world around them that can be used as content on a blog.

For example, if you’re a food blogger struggling to think of a new recipe to try, you might find inspiration by reading a travel blog. There, you’ll read about experiences in another country or state, which might get you hungry for a copycat recipe of the world’s finest cuisine.

3. Watch Current Trends

One of the most useful tools you can use as a blogger is Google Alerts. This browser plug-in will send you daily pings with major trending topics and subtopics. It can also track your search history and blog in order to make suggestions for other content sources you should read for inspiration.

You can also subscribe to different news sites for your daily dose of what’s happening in the world around you. You never know when something you read could be tied to a blog post in your niche.

4. Polling Your Visitors

Sometimes all you need is a little reader feedback to think of a few new topics. Posting a relevant poll can provide useful feedback on the direction your blog is going, as well as give you inspiration for a new post. These polls are easily created through online survey generators and marketed through social media and your blog.

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Try to ask a new polling question at least once per week. Some suggestions might include opinions on a new movie, greatest fears, favorite foods, best places to travel, and other questions relevant to your niche.

5. Invite Guest Authors

During those times when writer’s block is heavier than any of the tools you have to lift it, don’t write at all! You can leave the blog in the hands of a talented guest blogger. This is a great opportunity to team up with other bloggers to help further your customer base. You can also hire guest bloggers at a decent price if you don’t have any partners available.

This will keep your readers entertained while you work on getting the creative juices flowing again. It’s also an excellent time for you to explore the writing style of others. You’ll potentially gain their readers as well through this experience, and have more steadfast followers to show for it.

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