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5 Ways SMBs Can Gain ROI From Blogging

5 Ways SMBs Can Gain ROI From Blogging

Small and midsize businesses have to spend their marketing budgets carefully to remain profitable. SMBs typically have less resources to work with, creating constraints on their digital marketing strategies. They do not have the luxury of larger digital marketing budgets like large enterprise corporations. Every dollar spent need to create an ROI. Surprisingly enough, many SMBs do not track their digital marketing ROI. In order to get a return on investment, you have to measure your resource spending and associated revenues. If you are a digital specialist, you can increase the value of your blogging activities by maximizing your ROI and measuring the results. Keep reading for useful ways to gain a return on investment from your business blog.

Curate And Develop High Quality Content

Content is the cornerstone of blogging. You can’t not have a blog without content. Likewise, you need content to earn a profit or return on investment. When SMBs get started with slow blogging, their content can be low quality. You need to raise the level of quality of the blog content published. The content should be valuable and relevant to your industry. This will lead to a better experience for your readers. As a result, they will be more inclined to learn about your company’s products or services. In order to generate a return on investment from a blog, it needs to have a very high level of quality content.

Share Your Content On The Right Platforms

Once you have great content in place, share your blog posts on the right platforms for the best ROI. Many professional marketers understand the various audiences and where they can be found online. For example, B2B customers can be found on LinkedIn. Meanwhile, consumers are actively on Facebook and Instagram. When you promote your blog posts on the right platform, they will receive more social shares. More potential customers and clients will see your content when it’s posted on the right platform. Of course, don’t limit yourself to a few platforms. Test out some other social networks to find untapped opportunities where your audience can be found.

Engage Directly With Visitors And Customers

Quality blog posts will garner a significant amount of engagement. You will receive social mentions, blog comments and direct emails. These are all opportunities to turn visitors into leads, customers and brand ambassadors. As we have seen, building relationships with fellow bloggers can increase your ROI directly. These engagements can be used to leverage influence on social networks or gain valuable insights to what they are looking for. Many of the best blogging ideas come from visitors and followers who are looking to solve a problem. If you engage with them directly, your blog will create more value and generate higher revenues simultaneously.

Optimize Your Blog Posts For Search Engines

Many SMBs are able to create profitable blogs by optimizing for the search engines. Organic traffic is some of the best converting visitors online. For example, when someone need a lawyer, they first place they search is google. This is why online marketing for law firms is so important. If your high quality content is ranking in the search engines, it could lead to direct traffic and sales. However, you need to be on the first page to get noticed. An investment in SEO could increase the ROI of your blog significantly.

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Establish Your Own Influencer Identity

As you continue to create content, promote it and engage with visitors, you will find your own identity. These activities will make you an influencer in your industry. Digital marketers need to leverage this influence to further promote the brand’s culture and identity. This can become one of the most profitable investments for SMBs. When customers and even potential employee start to associate the company with a positive identity. They will buy into the culture being created. On both ends, attracting customers and employees, this is a great way to create a positive blogging ROI.

Blogging is a highly profitable strategy for SMBs. It requires creating high quality content that your audience would find valuable. Then, you need to promote that content to platforms where your audience is already active. Engage with people on those platforms to turn them into leads and customers. Or, simply gain insights to further your content marketing efforts. As you continue to promote quality content, optimize for the search engines. This will lead to more traffic, leads and sales. Finally, leverage all that exposure to build an identity for the brand. This is the type of influence that can maximize the ROI of blogging for SMBs.

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