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6 Best WordPress Plugins for eLearning & Tutorial Websites

6 Best WordPress Plugins for eLearning & Tutorial Websites

Leaning is an integral part of human development and just because everyone’s stuck at home with no access to classes or courses doesn’t mean the learning process has to stop. Hence, in such a time like this, amidst a global pandemic, eLearning can be a lot more valuable. Employing some helpful plugins for eLearning and tutorials will certainly reinforce this idea.

After all, people all over the world have nothing better to do. Catering to the quarantined ones or even those that aren’t with plugins for eLearning is always a welcome concept. This can be done regardless of whether your website is primarily about eLearning or not. If it’s the latter, then including some eLearning courses will certainly be appreciated by your visitors.

Either way, we’re here to present you with some of the best choices you can have for plugins for eLearning. These will surely help you in your endeavor to bring digital knowledge to everyone in this day and age.


First up is one of the (if not the) most popular choices for an eLearning plugin for WordPress. That would be LearnDash. One of the reasons why LearnDash managed to stay on the top is due to how easy it is to use. It requires little fiddling around to get working and comes with many different compatibilities as far as plugins go.

You can use it to build your tests, quizzes, assignments, and video or photo courses. As for the admins, it gives plenty of options for monetization integrations such as Paypal or Stripe. It also integrates well with other platforms like WooCommerce, etc. Of course, being one of the best, it comes at a hefty cost of $159 for a single site license. Thankfully, there’s a demo.


If you want a more affordable option that’s also competitive enough, then LearnPress might be right up your alley. This one’s a free option that allows you to create quizzes and curriculum aids for students along with the usual video, audio, or photo courses. It’s a good choice if you don’t have as much capital to spare for the more expensive premium options here.

However, we do have to warn you that while LearnPress is free, you might have to purchase its premium LearnPress theme which comes with the functionality of an eLearning plugin and its add-ons. After that, you can access the numerous free add-ons which can augment your eLearning course creation experience and make more dynamic material for classes.

WP Courseware

WP Courseware is another premium eLearning plugin for WordPress that’s a lot less expensive than LearnDash. It is a great alternative as the two-site license for WP Courseware costs only $99. It also has an on-site demo that allows you to check everything out before you commit. Meanwhile, the plugin itself is a thing of beauty that lets you be creative with your courses.

Plugins for eLearning

That beauty is then coupled with ease-of-use, namely in the form of a drag-and-drop function. This allows newcomers or beginners to easily build their own eLearning courses. In fact, you can even let the plugin protect your courses from being stolen or used by other websites in case you plan on monetizing them. Speaking of monetization, you do get plenty of integration compatibility with this plugin.

Lifter LMS

With the learning management system abbreviation in its name, Lifter LMS is serious and is all about eLearning. You can easily set it up on your WordPress websites and afterward, you’ll have access to the plugin’s impressive array of tools. These tools allow you to create multi-tiered courses which are awesome and can give your students a sense of vertical progression.

Plugins for eLearning

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Whether you want short courses or digital translations of full-degree programs, Lifter LMS is with you if you decide to download it. As for the pricing, the plugin is relatively affordable and has a demo as well. If you want to get more dedicated with your courses, however, you’ll have to shell out $99 for an add-on or $299 for the complete package.


Technically, this one isn’t a plugin but you can still add it to your website as a tool and it will pretty much work similarly. Setup is also effortless with this one and lets you get started with course creation right away. It doesn’t need many configurations to get working but still allows for a good deal of customization for when you want to tailor your courses to a specific audience.

Plugins for eLearning

The tool also allows for integration with Paypal or Stripe for easy monetization options. You can even customize the payment periods for your virtual courses or classes. As for the price, Teachable comes in at a reasonable $29 for the basic plan. It’s a lot more affordable than others making it highly recommended for beginners or startup blogs or websites.

Tutor LMS

Last but not least, we have Tutor LMS. It’s a free plugin that’s also part of a premium set of tools that go for $149. Still, if you only want the plugin, you can go download it separately. The plugin touts itself as a complete and feature-rich option and also one of the younger plugins on this list. It’s easy enough and you don’t have to bother with codes in order to use or set it up.

Plugins for eLearning

This one is also a lightweight plugin which is perfect for when you’re saving up the server bandwidth or trying to maintain your website speed. All in all, these plugins for eLearning are solid choices for your website and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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