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6 Topics & Themes for New Bloggers to Consider in 2021

6 Topics & Themes for New Bloggers to Consider in 2021

Running a blog can be challenging, especially when deciding on what to write. It’s hard to choose what theme to go with and what topics to cover. But with all the changes in the world, 2021 is seeing a rise in specific issues that are sure to catch your readers’ attention.

1. Health & Wellness

Health and wellness have always been big hits, but more so during a pandemic. With that said, there’s more to staying healthy than avoiding a novel coronavirus. Covering health topics like the accessibility of syphilis test options, or reviewing fitness trackers and other medical devices, can go a long way in generating traffic while helping readers at the same time.

2. Sex & Relationships

With a rise in divorce and relationship troubles around every corner, giving sex tips, sharing funny stories, and providing advice on avoiding (or addressing) awkward situations is a pretty safe bet when it comes to blog posts. Likewise, you’ll want to be able to provide credible, good, solid relationship advice.

Try to steer clear of negativity. Rather than celebrating with divorce parties, focus on rebuilding a relationship after infidelity or other hardships. Suggest healthy communication styles, ways to show your partner how much they mean to you, trust-building exercises, and different ways to repair, rebuild and fortify relationships.

3. DIY Money-Savers

This is another “underground” blog topic that has started to boom. Between people having more time at home and needing to make dollars last, DIYers are shining in 2021.

Doing different money-saving DIY topics each week can be tons of fun. From making your makeup and detergent using food stamps to minor home repairs with stuff you probably have lying around the house, there is no shortage of topics.

What’s best about this is that you can go through and learn with your readers. Starting with fixing leaks under the sink and ending with building your own shed can make for a long-term readership as they try, experience, and succeed with you.

4. Crunchy & Diet Recipes

Recipes are another great ‘timeless’ topic. You can cover various diets, lifestyles, ‘cure-alls,’ and even fertility-boosting recipes. Even making crunchy-friendly versions of classic recipes can be fun. It also allows for tons of fun, colorful pictures, and plenty of silly stories.

Remember, your blog is only partly about the topic. In large part, it’s about you. So feel free to add in mistakes you made, replacements you preferred, and any ridiculousness that happens along the way.

5. News > Politics

2020 saw a rise in hyper-politicization. Whatever side of the political spectrum you fall on, there is a cure-all emphasis to ditch politics and just report straight facts.

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Go for credible, concrete sources. Rather than link back to a news or politics site, look up the original source. Provide links to .orgs, .edus, .govs, and full videos.

You can even avoid giving your opinion on the subject and just ‘report’ the facts. This can give your readers a secure feeling that they can count on you for the full, accurate story. They will also really appreciate you letting them develop their own feelings on the subject, rather than telling them how they should feel.

6. Interactive Activities

Providing interactive activities can help your readers get to know you and bond with you. There are plenty of sites you can link to that will help you and your readers play and talk together – even if it’s just a watch party, game meet-up, or stream.

Don’t be shy. Ask your readers what they would prefer. Post up a poll and see what they would like to do with you. Feel out what subjects might be relevant – and what just might be fun.

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