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7 Content Syndication Platforms to Reach a Wider Audience

7 Content Syndication Platforms to Reach a Wider Audience

There are numerous well-established content syndication platforms on the internet. For bloggers and content creators who are just starting to build their following, these platforms are very useful tools. It is not uncommon to see exactly the same article on two different websites. This is common for bloggers who want to reach a wider audience through their work. They republish their content on well-established third-party blogs known as content syndication platforms.

Here are some well-established, and trusted content syndication platforms to help bloggers reach a wider audience:

Here are some content syndication platforms that offer their services for free:


Basically, Quora is known as a knowledge-sharing platform. It is a community where users can answer other users’ questions. But, Quora also has a feature where they allow their users to publish blog posts on their platform. This blog-posting feature of the website was officially launched in 2013.

This is a great plat to re-publish articles because there are so many communities within the platform. Also, there are many interesting and trending topics within the website where bloggers could share their knowledge and expertise.

Screengrab from Quora


This website hosts blogs that they believe are highly useful for their clientele. The benefit of republishing work on LinkedIn is bloggers could get known well and wide for their expertise. When sharing knowledge with the LinkedIn community, it is sure to gain impressions from many professional networks all over the world. Whenever any work is “liked” by a person, their network will be able to see the article or blog post on their feeds.

Screengrab from Linkedin Blog


This platform has one of the largest writer-base on the internet. The website is highly ranked and it is surely a great way to republish a blog-post. If bloggers want their content shared on an “SEO-optimized” platform, Medium is probably one of the best places to do so.

Since the platform has many users, it is quite easy to build a network and a stable following. It is also easy to re-direct traffic to the original blog site. Not only is the website free, but Medium also pays its writers well. The platform also allows its users to build an email list. This will surely allow bloggers to have internet reach.

Screengrab from Medium


This platform is one of the many ways bloggers can build up traffic on their websites. When the content sharing website known as StumbleUpon was closed down, they moved most of their data and content to the Mix website. This means that this platform is well established and is a great SEO-optimized place for bloggers to post their work.

Unlike other websites, Mix is known as a “content discovery platform”. Readers go to this site to find great content about interesting topics. There are many ways to get internet traffic from using Mix. Simply, it is about creating a “Mix” or a group of blog posts about a certain topic. The concept is to group together personal work with other sources.

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Screengrab from Mix

Here are some paid content syndication platforms:


Almost 400 big-named companies like CNN use Outbrain for their content. Mainly, the purpose of Outbrain is to create a wider reach for blog posts and brands. It is more of a marketing website than a content sharing platform.

Websites could republish their content on the platform. Bloggers are also allowed to post ads of their blogs or content on Outbrain. The original host shall pay Outbrain for every click and interaction users make with the content on the platform.

The great thing about Outbrain is that it allows its users to set a daily limit or budget they are willing to spend each day. This way bloggers will not get surprised with their bill.

Screengrab from Outbrain


This is absolutely similar to Outbrain. One of the main differences is that Taboola allows setting a monthly budget that could be broken down daily. The platform advertises itself as a “discovery platform” that creates a feed for its users based on their interests. Users could log-in to simply follow content or they could also use the platform to post content. Users could create landing pages with links leading to an original blog post. Bloggers could make money from using Taboola because it is sure to drive traffic towards an original blog post.

Screengrab from Taboola

This platform also advertises itself as a social network. Users are allowed to create boards, similar to Pinterest, that they could share with their followers and friends. Any user could connect with other users with the same interests. Bloggers could use this platform to publish their personal work and reach a wider reach because of the boards. Content could be discovered through search engines. Content from could also be shared on other social networking sites for more followers. Users can join the platform for free but they can only create one topic page. A professional subscription is only $14.99 per month.

Screengrab from Scoopit

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