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8 Digital Marketing Topics to Feature on Your Blog

8 Digital Marketing Topics to Feature on Your Blog

If you decide to start your own digital marketing blog, you need to be able to create content that will be able to attract individuals or businesses that need help for their company. There are a couple of strategies you can implement in order to make your blog successful. You will need to cover topics that will be able to add value to your reader’s business. Here are some relevant topics that can attract a more following to your blog. 

1. Chatbots

Chatbots have been an effective tool to help address customers’ needs immediately. This allows businesses to reach costumes any time of the day. This topic will be highly valuable to your reader’s business as it can help them understand their customers with its ability to do behavioral segmentation and also increase efficiency on the work they need to focus on. 

2. Conversational Marketing

Businesses need to be one step ahead as always to accelerate their growth. It is not enough that they increase efficiency in reaching their customers. They need to have a conversational tone when communicating with customers to make their brand relevant. Businesses would need to know how their customers now demand a more personal mode of communication. 

3. Sustainability

Allowing owners to understand how they can make their business more sustainable will be valuable content for your blog. This is especially when 81% of consumers now feel companies should help improve the environment. Helping businesses learn how to communicate their sustainability efforts will be a good way to attract business owners to read your blog. Make sure to lay down multiple strategies that these businesses can employ to make your content highly relevant. 

4. Image and video SEO optimization

As the competition in digital marketing increases, it is relevant for businesses to learn new tools to ensure that they will still stand out. SEO campaigns have evolved from text to images. This should make companies wary of adding images or videos for their digital campaigns. Discuss in your site ways how to optimize adding images and videos or list down tools that they need to be familiar with to increase the success of their campaigns. 

5. Video marketing

Video marketing is the most important digital marketing strategy in 2021. Customers want to learn more about a brand’s product through video. Hence, it would be important for businesses how to implement this marketing strategy. This would be good content wherein you can cite ways for businesses to present products in video form. You can suggest other techniques such as having a text transcription of the video, getting a better video ranking and sharing it in other formats. 

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is set to have an ad spend of $10 billion by next year. This shows to you the popularity of this digital marketing technique for brands. It would be great for your readers to keep up with the latest development on Influencer Marketing. You can provide content by sharing ways on how to improve further the utilization of influencers in their marketing.

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7. Browser Push Notifications

The rising popularity of push notifications makes it necessary for brands to use this marketing strategy. You can create a post discussing how to make sure that the push notification will still be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliant. You can also share content on how consumer behavior changes with the use of push notifications. 

8. SEO A/B Split Testing

It is quite popular with brands to conduct A/B testing to see how their strategy is performing. However, there are still some companies who are unfamiliar with how to employ this strategy for their marketing of products. You can start by sharing a quick-to-follow guide on setting up A/B testing for their product. Then you can also have a more comprehensive look at the different metrics you take a look at and share ways of improving testing for the businesses. 

These are just some topics where you can start to share with your readers. As always, try to keep up with the latest development. Ultimately, you would want to ensure that you share content that would provide added value to the businesses of your readers. These are widely popular marketing trends that would make businesses interested in your site. 

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