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A Blogger’s Guide to Dealing with Accidents when Traveling

A Blogger’s Guide to Dealing with Accidents when Traveling

Understanding Risks when Traveling

Many people may think that a travel blogger’s life is a dream – paradise destinations, exotic food, rich cultures, extreme adventures and all. However, a travel blogger’s life is not always fun and games as there are real risks they must face in every destination they go to, and activity they do. There may be animal bites, transportation hazards, food poisoning and more. There are risks for assaults, harassments, vehicular accidents, and even trauma. Each case can be unique, and the best thing to do is to know what to do if you have an accident when traveling.

A travel-related accident can happen to anyone but there are greater risks for individuals who are always ‘on-the-go’. Travel bloggers are exposed to these kinds of accident potentials in higher chances than regular travelers because of the nature and frequency of their trips. Thus, it is very important to have enough protection for every incident.

Properly deal with accidents

The first thing to do when involved in an accident is to stay calm and assess the incident. Examine the body for any type of injuries. Then, check companions for injuries or loss of consciousness. Seek emergency help if needed. if a travel companion needs emergency assistance, be sure to stay calm and look for the nearest possible contact with authorities. If no severe injuries are seen, determine whether there are damages to properties either owned or in the surroundings.

It is very important to know where to ask for help. Keep note of emergency contacts like the police, fire department, ambulance, and even the embassy, especially when traveling in a different country,  This is always the first line of survival in case there are no bystanders available to provide immediate help. Even if there are bystanders, there are a few countries wherein there are restrictions in helping others during emergencies.

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The next important step to follow is to secure evidence. These can come in the form of photos, police reports, incident reports, and the like. Take note of names, numbers, vehicle details and addresses of everyone involved. In cases where this is impossible due to severe injury, look for the police officer or medical officer who gathered information and made the report after the accident.

What to do with the evidence? See a physician who would validate claims of physical, emotional and mental injuries caused by accidents. Also, contact a professional who would be able to estimate the value of property damages that resulted from the mishap.

Then come the legal matters – these may include filing a complaint, an accident claim, or even of pursuing a case. In most conditions, especially when businesses and individuals are being held liable, legal examinations are involved. This is where the gathered pieces of evidence, as well as medical verifications and professional estimates, will be useful.

To buy or not to buy travel Insurance Policies

What are the possibilities of needing insurance when traveling? The possibilities for unwanted events are endless. There are very high chances of needing insurance policies as it is quite difficult to predict unwanted events while traveling. It could be as simple as lost luggage or a canceled flight to severe events like hospitalizations or medical conditions. Thus, travel insurance policies will always come in handy.

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Comprehensive travel insurance is usually part of travel package plans and tours. These policies are often expensive as they are commonly bought for every trip. It is very similar to most insurance policies which provide compensation, claims, and reimbursements for unwanted events. It not only protects the holder of the policy but the family members that will be affected by the accident or injury, especially in cases of paralysis or death.

Personal Injury and accident claims can go between a couple thousand dollars to more than 75,000 USD, depending on the severity of the case. Travel insurance usually covers hospital bills, medical evacuation, and livelihood losses (the amount lost to an individual due to an injury). The most common event covered by policies is vehicular accidents and hospitalizations. However, there are also cases where trips-and-falls and assaults are covered as well.

Many policies do not only provide compensation for bodily injuries but will also provide assistance for property damages. This is applicable not only for the policyholder but also any individual affected by the accident. It may also cover damages due to lost luggage, trip cancellation, and delays. These are expensive but are very helpful.

It may be difficult to find a policy to exactly fit a blogger’s nature of work and budget. Insurance policies may eat up a considerable amount of money, making it the bottom of anyone’s priorities.  Although these policies may be expensive, it is a helpful safety blanket when traveling. This is true not only for travel bloggers but for wanderers in general.

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