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You Should Allow Passion For Your Blog To Consume You

You Should Allow Passion For Your Blog To Consume You

As an entrepreneur, you became your own boss to pursue a dream. You started your journey with passion, and if you want to be wildly successful, you’ve got to keep that flame lit.

When you think back on your life, you’ll find that passion has always been behind every success you’ve achieved – even as a young kid. Whether you landed the lead role in a play or scored the highest on an exam, passion drove your actions to pursue those goals. You wouldn’t have pursued them otherwise.

What’s so great about passion?

Being passionate about what you pursue ensures that you’ll follow through, even in rough times. Passion is what drives the success of entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Brendan Burchard. They’ve mastered the art of being consumed by their passion, and they ride it to completion, no matter what obstacles they need to overcome.

Your blog is more than a collection of articles. It’s your outlet for expressing your passion to the world. It’s your platform for making the difference you set out to achieve. When you allow your passion to consume you, you give yourself permission to enjoy your life.

Maintaining sources of passion and inspiration

When you’re looking for sources of inspiration to keep your passion burning hot, the most important place to look is the inspiration for your blog. What made you launch your idea and publish it for the world? Where are you hoping to make a difference? What is your ultimate goal? Do whatever you can to keep that goal in the forefront of your mind.

Losing sight of your ultimate goal is going to extinguish your flame. Write your goal on sticky notes or cards and paste them around the areas where you live and work. Keep your focus on your goal day and night.

Remember to be kind to your body and mind

To maintain your passion, your body needs to be healthy.

You’ve probably heard of entrepreneurs who use small doses of prescription drugs to boost their productivity. Others consume large amounts of stimulants through energy drinks. Unfortunately, consumption of energy drinks has been linked to deaths of many people. Relying on these drinks might be considered normal, but it’s far from healthy.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing you need to work around the clock to be productive. This belief encourages the use of chemical stimulants, which you don’t need to be a successful entrepreneur.

If you feel like you need a boost of energy, stick to natural herbs like maca and Kratom. Both herbs have been used as medicine for centuries. While Kratom boosts energy and focus, maca is a superfood rich in vitamins and amino acids that the body needs. You won’t find any reports of deaths caused by maca or kratom.

Being consumed by passion doesn’t mean working around the clock

Many entrepreneurs operate under the assumption that they need to spend day and night working on their blog. This is often a subconscious attempt to prove they’re not lazy.

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According to statistics discussed on, office workers have a reputation for being unproductive during the workday. A good majority of entrepreneurs have a corporate past, and want to get as far away from their former 9-5 life as possible. This often includes overcompensating for reputations that don’t even apply to them.

It’s dangerous to believe that productivity is equal to the amount of work you complete. Holding this belief, entrepreneurs often work themselves into the ground, just like they did when they were 9-5 employees.

Passion isn’t working yourself to exhaustion

We are trading our lives for whatever we choose to do during the day. For many, that means trading their lives for an identity determined by work they don’t enjoy.

This article from Psychology Today describes this situation well. “We define ourselves, and other people, by our job roles – ‘So what do you do?’ – and measure our happiness in terms of how successful we are in these roles. Forty hours a week, 48 weeks a year, for up to 50 years – not including traveling time, and the time we spend resting and recovering from the exertions of our working lives.”

Trade your life for your passion

If you’re passionate about your blog, pursue it because it’s what you love to do. Your passion is worth pursuing, not because it will bring riches (although it might), but because in doing so, you’ll truly enjoy living your life.

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