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Are You Varying Your Content Enough?

Are You Varying Your Content Enough?

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Blogging is something most people start for fun or to share what they know with others. However, blogging is somewhat of an art, that takes constant variation in care in order to make it successful. One of these variations is the length and type of your blog content.

Your blog posts should go beyond daily posted 300 words; by incorporating infographics, audio and video, and longer, more in-depth posts you will make your blog more entertaining to read. This can increase time spent on your blog and reader retention rate.


Infographics are a way to visually present information. They do really well from a viral, social sharing standpoint and easy way to display information in a visual format instead of text on a page. Many blogs use the designer to create custom infographics, but you can also get infographics (as long as you provide attribution, which is a link back to the original post) to use on Pinterest or You can also create infographics yourself using editors like Piktochart and


Creating a podcast on a site like BlogTalkRadio or offering versions of your most popular blog posts in audio format using a service like SoundGecko is a great way to broaden your appeal. Many users prefer to receive information through audio rather than having to read it. This makes it easier to learn information while in the car, working, or even exercising.


Tablets, computers, and smartphones have WebCam or HD video recording available, which makes it easy to create simple YouTube or Vimeo videos. Besides being present on one of these popular video networks, you can also embed the videos into a blog post and give a brief text summary as an introduction or conclusion to the video.

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In-Depth Articles

Google has started displaying in-depth articles in its search results as a new section. It considers in-depth content to be 2000 words or longer. Creating long content of more than 1000 words not only gives you more terms to possibly rank for, but it also sets you up as more of an expert in your field because of the longer content. Interviewing experts or polling real data that you can source in your content will also help make in-depth articles much more helpful.


Slidedeck is a social network that allows users to upload infographics for PowerPoint presentations. These presentations can be embedded into a blog post, much like online videos.

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