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5 of the Best Blog Hosting Sites to Choose From

5 of the Best Blog Hosting Sites to Choose From

5 of the Best Blog Hosting Sites to Choose From

Web hosting is the foundation of every blog. It increases your blog’s traffic, improves its SEO, and ensures that your blog is accessible 24/7.

But choosing a hosting site isn’t easy. Apart from the fact that you need to dig deeper into knowing each one, you can also get lost with the many hosting services out there.

Here we’ll help you avoid that as we’ll show you the best hosting sites that’ll surely boost your blog to greater heights.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Blog Hosting

1. Price

We usually equate price with quality, that’s why we think that expensive services have better offerings. That’s the case for some, but not for everyone. There are countless hosting sites out there that offer more affordable packages. Sort through them and find the best deal.

2. Specialty

Every hosting site has its specialty. There are those that provide excellent solutions for business growth. While others prioritize sharing capabilities over blog control. Know your blog’s purpose of finding the perfect hosting service that answers your needs.

3. Extra Features

Gone are the days when hosting sites function only as servers. With the increasing competition, it makes sense for them to differentiate their services and offer bonus features. It could be data backups, multiple data centers, or perhaps free domain privacy.

4. Tech Support

Tech support is vital because you’ll never know what’ll happen with your hosting plan. You might experience server downtime, some glitches, or you just need some help. Whichever the case is, the hosting service should be reachable 24/7.

5. Tech Specs

Know what your blog is all about. Will you put lots of media in it? Are you going to share it with multiple admins? If so, you need a hosting service that offers a lot of processing power and disk space. The price increases as the RAM and storage space goes up.

Best Hosting Sites

1. iPage


iPage is for you if you’re on a tight budget but want to have a competitive blog host. At only $1.99 per month, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and disk space. It also offers a free 1GB JustCloud cloud storage.


It is the best budget-friendly hosting platform out there. But even so, it’s not short of features. Its fast hosting speeds, unlimited bandwidth and space, and a 99.95% uptime are a huge plus.


Renewal rates are higher than the initial plan. And you have no other choice but to choose long-term packages. iPage doesn’t have any dedicated server hosting for Windows users.

2. BlueHost


BlueHost hosts over 1.9 million sites worldwide. Having been in the industry since 2003, it differentiated its brand as one of the most reputable ones out there. These make it as the go-to-choice of bloggers due to its customizable features and easy installation.


It has many built-in tools that make blog optimization easier. This is jam-packed with security add-ons and bonus features. Its generous storage space also goes well with its reliable uptime.


BlueHost charges users for transfers, even though this is a free service for most hosting services. This one’s incapable of Windows hosting as it’s Linux-based.

3. Kinsta

There’s managed WordPress hosting, then there’s premium managed WordPress hosting. Kinsta dabbles on the latter.


Pros: The MyKinsta site management changes how you take care of your WordPress sites. Think of this hosting provider as your turnkey solution to all things related to web hosting.

You don’t have to worry about maintaining and managing your WordPress sites using Kinsta. It will do all the heavy lifting so you worry about growing your online business.

Kinsta also offers daily backups, staging environment, white-glove migration, SSL/CDN capabilities and more. Web hosting doesn’t get any more premium than this.

Cons: The steep pricing and the limited number of WordPress installs for each plan may cause some to turn to other alternatives.

4. SiteGround


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SiteGround is for you if you’d like to prioritize security. This tool is great for small blogs thanks to its constant maintenance and excellent server performance. Its unlimited storage and bandwidth give you lots of opportunities to optimize your site. All these for just $3.95 a month.


You’ll find many advanced features that improve loading times and security. The SuperCacher and Isolation tech makes this possible.


SiteGround doesn’t offer any shared hosting monthly subscriptions. Its prices are also higher compared to other feature-rich hosting sites.



Inmotion has one of the best user-friendly interfaces out there. It offers fast hosting speeds at $2.95 per month. Its web builder is simple yet very useful, making this ideal for beginners. Inmotion also works great for WordPress sites.


It offers unlimited disk space and data transfers, making it helpful for “heavy” blogs. Inmail also has SSD drives that are sharable on different hosting plans. It even has a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.


The VPS hosting plans and renewal rates are a bit expensive. You even have to pay an additional fee to be covered by their tech support.

6. HostGator


HostGator is ideal for blogs that run on WordPress. At $3 per month, you can enjoy unrivaled security and uptime. Users can easily suit their budget and needs with this one because of its many plan choices.


You’ll enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage with HostGator. It gives you access to cloud hosting and dedicated and private servers. You can easily find a plan that’ll fit your budget.


Performance inconsistencies and server speeds are an issue with HostGator, as well as its slow chat support.


Learning more information about blog hosts is crucial to your blog’s success. Not only does this ensure its accessibility and security, but this also helps your blog rank high. Just make sure it compliments your needs and your budget. When it does, then your blog will undoubtedly fare well with your chosen hosting service.

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