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Focusing on Writing About 1 Category May Be the Best Content Strategy for your Blog

Focusing on Writing About 1 Category May Be the Best Content Strategy for your Blog

In the crazy rush to get fresh new content out to potential readers, many bloggers often find themselves in a very stressful position. Creating unique, hard hitting content is not easy work and depending on the niche you’re targeting, a “shot-gun blast” kind of approach may be killing both you and your blog’s potential.

focus on one niche

Broad niches and categories like online money making ideas, web design, blogging tools or social media marketing are heavy subjects. It’s difficult to be competitive when there’s just so much information already available for consumption. There’s a good chance that whatever you decide to write, has already been covered really well by a major blogger. So how do you stand out from the crowd? And how do you keep true to yourself as a writer and stay on point in niches that seem to be saturated?

It’s all about focus and there are gems within every niche, regardless of how saturated they may seem. You simply may need to discover your own rhythm and get a bit more specific on who and what you’re targeting in your niche.

Focus Kills the Competition

I’m sure you’ll notice that the majority of blogs out there publish on at least 10 different categories all dealing with a different subject; though related. There’s just so much to talk about and they go for whatever they think will be hot at that point in time. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with that approach. However, it’s not for everyone.

So here are your options:

1. Look for subjects that are infrequently covered in depth. Try finding topics within blog posts where there is just a brief mention of the subject but it still needs deeper clarification. A rough example can be found when bloggers write about banner advertising, the fact that they are less effective and we all now suffer from banner ad blindness along with the other reasons. These individual reasons can form massive discussion points. Create content from each reason. This approach works for almost everything.

2. Being know across the web for doing one thing really well is more attractive. Drill down on your target niche and audience and pick one theme that you know you can seriously do better than average.

3. Your focused effort on writing on one category will provide much greater value for readers who need to find answers and discussions. You will outperform bloggers who merely scratch the surface.

Your ability to focus and shut off the noise and temptation to write about everything will be a boost to your attitude to blogging as well as how your blog is perceived and spreads. There are too many “jack of all trades” blogs out there, be a “master of one.”

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Your Blogging Life Becomes Easier

Focusing on one topic is simply easier. Shutting out everything else forces your mind to get really creative on that specific territory and you’ll have more room to ¬†grow and shine. You’ll find that you won’t be spreading yourself too thin and there will be more space to life with freedom.

The great thing about focus as well is that the pressure to publish something everyday is lessened. As a specialist in your field you can get away with posting once or twice per week as long as you make your articles very rewarding for readers. So spend a decent amount of time transforming your focus into something worth reading, containing useful insight and new perspectives.

You’re Not an Expert at Everything

I’m not trying to burst your bubble but chances are you’re good at a few things and at the same time could be the best at one. Don’t try to dip your toe in all the pools. Find one that’s the perfect depth, right temperature and size for you. One that you could master and do better than everyone else. This is where you’ll shine brighter.

I know it’s tempting to cover all the buzz around the web but trust me when I say focus is the key to your success.

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  • I agree with you! It ‘s better to choose a subject which you know or you are interested in. By this way the quality of the content will be better.

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