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6 Best Fashion Bloggers for Style Inspiration

6 Best Fashion Bloggers for Style Inspiration

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With new fashion blogs being launched almost every minute, more and more fashion bloggers are competing for your attention. From self-proclaimed style icons to body positivity advocates, it seems like there’s a fashion blogger for everyone.

But take a closer look and you’ll see that not all fashion bloggers are created equal. In the search for the perfect outfit, it’s easy to lose yourself and waste time in the black hole of fashion blogs.

This is why we’ve rounded up our favorite no-nonsense fashion bloggers. When it comes to all things fashion and beauty, these guys and gals are constantly dishing out style inspiration as you’ve never seen before.

Jessica Wang

Her blog best exemplifies what a popular, high-fashion blog should look like. Jessica’s social media platforms are graced by high-fashion name brands like Gucci, Versace, and Fendi to name a few. She teaches all her followers not just how to style but also how to pose and shoot.

Check out her TikTok account here: Jessica Wang

Young Emperors

A little quirky, but a lot of fun – this couple is a sure icon in fashion. Isabelle Chaput and Nelson Tiberghien are not only fashionistas but performing artists that are collectively known as Young Emperors. They grace the streets of New York with their spectacular matching outfits. As anyone would see in their content, fashion is all about the texture, the pattern, the color, and the outrageousness of clothing. Their following on TikTok alone consists of 3.7 Million likers. Ergo, this couple deserves a mention in any fashion hall of fame.

Check out their TikTok account here: Young Emperors

Denise Mercedes

This gorgeous Dominican Model has launched a popular TikTok challenge back in 2020 titled “Style, not Size”. This TikTok challenge showed how she (a size 14 model) and her friend (Maria Castellanos) modeled exactly the same clothes. This challenge showed that clothing can make any woman feel beautiful regardless of shape, color, and form. Denise Mercedes is well-known to put together fabulous sets of clothing and feature them on her social media pages. We have to understand that fashion is now much less about clothes but more about body positivity, too.

Check out her TikTok here: Denise Mercedes


Oh hi! It’s us again with some cute dresses ! @mariacastellanos_ri

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Guy Overboard

Ever heard of a plus-sized fashion blog for men? The Guy Overboard blog is probably the best one. We always talk about body positivity for women, but every person (for whatever gender) deserves to be confident with their bodies. In his blog, he features a lot of inclusive men’s fashion brands that are stylish and comfortable. Although his content is in Italian, the advocacy in men’s fashion transcends all languages!

Check out his Instagram here: Guy Overboard

Mercer 7

Slow fashion, sustainability – are two concepts that are highly sought after in today’s fashion world. The overall concept of Mercer 7 is to curate a luxurious and fashionable capsule wardrobe made up of timeless and classy pieces that will last anyone through seasons in fashion. Anyone can edit their closet, de-clutter their clothes, and curate an incredible wardrobe. You can have an effortless style by buying with intention and even when re-styling and re-wearing clothes.

Check out her Instagram here: Mercer 7

Fashion Should Be Fun

Fashion knows no age. If anything everyone gets even more beautiful and classy the older they get. Dawn Lucy is a fashion blogger that proves classy silver hair matches everything! Her style is effortless and chic, so stylish that everyone wants to dress up like her. As her motto, she simply shows through her Instagram that fashion SHOULD be fun – and it shows!

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Check out her Instagram here: Fashion Should Be Fun


Whether you’re into street fashion, high fashion, or consumer fashion from places like JJ’s House, you can develop your own personal style by getting inspiration from today’s most influential style bloggers. Although not everyone can afford to be styled by a full-time stylist, you can always get style advice by following your favorite bloggers online. 

Whatever you’re wearing, always remember that you can glam up any outfit with the right attitude and confidence. The best fashion advice? Don’t be afraid to do you!

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First published in April 2019; updated March 2022

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