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The Best Ways to Avoid Distractions whilst Blogging

The Best Ways to Avoid Distractions whilst Blogging

Blogging seems like the dream job, right? After all, you can work from home, you pick your hours, and you’re basically your very own boss! In many ways, it is pretty amazing (um, hello, blogging in bed?!). But sometimes it’s hard to discipline yourself, especially if you’re used to the regimented routine of an office job. Whilst it’s easy to put things off, the work does need to be done – and if you don’t do it, you don’t get paid, and then you don’t pay your bills, and it all starts seeming a whole lot less fun!

Avoiding distractions can be difficult, but one of the best ways to do this is to get out of the house. You don’t need to chain yourself to a desk 24/7, but sitting up instead of lying horizontally in bed all day can really help with motivation. Heading on out to a coffee shop can help you really clear your headspace, and thus your literal workplace as well. Of course, you’ll need to buy something (it’s only manners, after all…), but this can easily add up. If you get a Starbucks every day, for example, you’re looking at potentially spending over 100 dollars per month! Luckily, here in the USA, Starbucks can be drank for a fraction of the cost the same coffee has in other places across the world. A recent price study by Couponbox has shown that NYC has the 14th most expensive Starbucks in the world – so not even in the top 10 – with $2.89 coffees (compared to over $6 in Switzerland… wow). So don’t feel bad about heading there to break up the monotony of writing all day. Just take your laptop and you’re good to go.

There are plenty of free places for you to write, too. Blogging on the beach may well seem like a pipedream, but if you live in a coastal city, this could so easily become a reality! You’ll be the envy of everyone.

You can also partake in some light exercise if you want to be able to focus more on your blog. Whilst doing too much will take even more valuable time out of your blogging day, small bouts of exercise will actually help your brain to function even better. The clever people at Harvard have established that such activities can actually improve cognitive function and leave you more able to concentrate on the job at hand! Naturally, healthy eating also plays a big part.

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A great workspace and a healthy mind and body will work wonders for you, sometimes there’s just no stopping modern distractions. Addicted to social media? Obsessed with Netflix? Don’t worry, there’s a website that can limit your addiction so that you have no choice but to do the work in question.

A better focus makes you a better blogger. Once you’re a better blogger – and a more productive one – your blog will be way more successful in the long run. And with that success comes more money. Good luck!

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