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20 Best WordPress Plugins Going Into 2019

20 Best WordPress Plugins Going Into 2019

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WordPress plugins are an essential element for any blog owner running a WordPress installation because they add plenty of great options with just a few clicks of your mouse. From SEO optimization to visitor management to monetization, plugins have so much to offer.

As 2019 kicks off, consider checking out the best WordPress plugins available and see what they might add to your blog. We’re not including the usual suspects like Jetpack and Akismet. They’re great plugins but there are plenty of lesser known ones out there that might surprise you with all the functions and features they have to offer.

WordPress Plugins

The beauty of WordPress plugins isthat they add extra functionality to your website. If you’ve chosen a WordPress blog, you’re missing out on lots of features if you’re not using plugins. The thing is that it can be difficult to get started. New ones are introduced every year and WordPress plugins 2019 might be quite different from those in 2018. With so many plugins, how do you know which to choose?

There are a few options that are recommended on a ton of plugin lists — and they’re great. You can also find them among the most popular ones on the main WordPress site. The trick is to be able to locate plugins that aren’t quite as well-known. Doing so can help you assemble a group that meets all your needs and lets you design and manage your blog exactly the way you want to. More popular doesn’t mean it’s right for you; sometimes something light or new or offering a specific feature might be just what you need.

The point is, it’s worth diving a little deeper into plugins to find the best WordPress plugins for your blog.

SEO Plugins

Your search engine optimization determines where your page falls in results for your targeted keywords. When your blog is better optimized, you get a better placement and your site gets in front of more people. Using one of the best WordPress plugins of 2018 can help you rise in the search results and lead more people to your blog. Once they’re there, you’ll wow them with your content and create repeat visitors.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

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All in One Schema Rich Snippets helps you draw more attention in search results. Using things like images and star ratings in the results might help you achieve a better click-through rate. It also helps improve the way your Facebook results are displayed when someone shares your link on the social networking site.

SmartCrawl SEO

SmartCrawl SEO can help improve your search engine optimization. It helps build a better site map, offers keyword advice to help you target the right results, and helps integrateyour social media page into your site. It also offers a 301 redirect so thatyou don’t have dead links that go nowhere which can hurt your ranking.

Broken Link Checker

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Broken Link Checker helps you stop a major SEO problem before it gets out of hand. It keeps an eye on your site to make sure none of your links are broken. If they are, a person might get frustrated and it can also increase your bounce rate. Once you know a link is broken, you can easily fix and redirect it. This WordPress SEO plugin is simple but can make a big difference.

SEO Optimized Images

best WordPress plugins

One part of your search engine optimization is how well your images are optimized. SEO Optimized Images makes it quicker and easier to do so. It improves your alt and title tags according to a pattern that you provide. This can help you increase the amount of traffic you get, especially from image searches.

Email marketing

Omnisend WooCommerce plugin is built for ecommerce marketing. Deep integration with WooCommerce lets you setup Omnisend automation workflows, contact forms, and landing pages without any programming skills.

A one stop shop, Omnisend can replace many of the smaller plugins you’re currently using for signup forms, landing pages, email marketing, automation workflows and advanced visitor/customer segmentation. Omnichannel communication features will help to reach your customers in different ways like email, Facebook messenger, SMS, web push notifications and more.

Security Plugins

It’s important to keep your blog safe and secure. When an unauthorized person accesses it, they can do damage to your content and reputation. Even small-time annoyances like comment spam can make your blog less inviting and easy-to-use for your readers. With great, free WordPress plugins that improve your security, you’re taking action to prevent trouble before it happens.

Cerber Security, Antispam and Malware Scan

Wordpress plugins 2019

Cerber Security, Antispam and Malware Scan helps keep your site safe. One of the ways it does this is by limiting the number of login attempts to keep brute force attacks from succeeding. It also offers a malware scanner and tracks user and intruder activity while it notifies you of what’s happening on your site.

BulletProof Security

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BulletProof Security offers an easy one-click setup wizard, a malware scanner, and idle session logout. It also has security logging, a firewall, and offers database backup. This means that if anything happens to your blog, it’s easier to restore it to working order and continue making posts and interacting with your readers.

Antispam Bee

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If you’ve ever had to combat comment spam, consider using AntispamBee to take care of it for you. It has a wealth of options, like giving trust to approved commenters or those with a Gravatar account. You can also allow comments in specific languages or from certain countries. It’s free and has no ads to boot.

Two Factor Authentication

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If someone gains access to your blog, it creates a real danger that you could lose all your posts or have something that you didn’t authorize published. Using two-factor authentication makes your blog more secure. Two Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security, requiring people who login to use a one-time code sent to them as they attempt to sign on to your blog.

User Management

If your blog is interactive at all, you’ll want some user management WordPress plugins to make sure that they’re getting the most out of your site. You may also want to install user management plugins to help differentiate between the authors on your blog. There are a variety of free WordPress plugins available to help you manage anyone who signs into your blog — and anyone who comes to read the content.

Mopinion Feedback Form

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Mopinion Feedback Form gives you a way to encourage and collect feedback. Visitor experience is such an important part of running a popular blog; keeping up with ways that you can improve can make yours even more user-friendly and encourage repeat visitors. This free WordPress plugin offers feedback form triggering designed to encourage interaction. It can help you collect visual feedback and analyze the data it generates.

User Registration

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User Registration offers an easy way to make frontend user forms for both registration and login. It’s drag-and-drop, so you can create new forms in a jiffy. You can make designs with multiple columns or choose from a variety of templates. It also has recaptcha support and shortcode support. If you need to export the data, it does so in CSV format.

User Profile Picture

WordPress plugins 2019

If your blog has multiple contributors, make it easy for visitors to see and understand whose piece they’re reading with custom profile pictures. User Profile Pictures allows a contributor with at least an author role to select and upload a profile picture. It’s also compatible with Gutenberg.

Super Socializer

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People use so many social networks that it’s hard to stay on top of all of them. Super Socializer offers sharing capability from about 100 social networks. It offers share counts, custom icon shapes, URL shortening, and an option to enable or block sharing on certain post types. It’s also GDPR compliant which gives you one less thing to worry about.

Site Testing and Maintenance

There are a variety of ways to test and maintain your website so that you can improve what you’re presenting to your readers. Some of the best WordPress plugins available are designed to make sure that your site looks great to everyone who visits. Things like testing, performance, and communicating with your readers can be enhanced by installing the right plugins.

Nelio A/B Testing

best WordPress plugins

Nelio A/B Testing helps you create and implement experiments with your blog to improve its look and functionality. The plugin also lets you manage your experiments from right within WordPress. Testing can help you determine which type of page does better with your users. For example, you could do one page with a light background and one with a background — and then see which your visitors respond to more positively.

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WP Staging

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WP Staging lets you create a clone of your blog to work with — without risking the functionality or live appearance of your actual blog. With it, you can install plugins or test theme changes in a safe and private environment. This plugin works in minutes and creates a staging site that’s only available to administrators. Once you’re sure everything is working, you can add new plugins or install changes on your main blog.

Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

best WordPress plugins

When you’re adding new pages to your blog or improving existing content, it’s good to let your readers know that changes are coming. It helps you avoid dead links as well as letting people know to check back later — content you’ve removed isn’t gone for good. Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode helps you quickly create these pages. The Pro version comes with 70+ themes and more than 650,000 images.

WP Performance Score Booster

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The quicker the pages on your site load, the more satisfied your readers will be. A plugin like WP Performance Score Booster can help you make your page load faster. It removes query strings from static resources, enables GZIP compression and leverages browser caching.


Sometimes a little feature makes your blog a more interesting place for its readers. Whether it’s a video gallery to highlight work you’ve been doing or quizzes to entertain your readers while they visit, adding feature plugins can help your blog appear positively captivating. Free WordPress plugins that add features vary greatly, but the ones below can definitely help make your blog more engaging in a flash.

Shortcodes Ultimate

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Shortcodes make your blog easier to customize and more functional as well. With Shortcodes Ultimate, you get access to more than 50 shortcodes with 1-click insertion. It’s Gutenberg-ready, works with any theme, and lets you create everything from tabs, to videos, to sliders or carousels. Examples of shortcodes include QR Code, Label, Tooltip, Siblings, Slider, and Dummy Image.

Image Gallery by Robo

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If images are a feature of your blog, a gallery offers an elegant way for visitors to look through them. Image Gallery by Robo is a simple plugin that’s easy to use for even new WordPress users. It offers fade effects, batch uploading, hover effects, and responsive design. You can also customize the font, borders, and layout to make sure the gallery reflects your site and design.

Poll, Survey, Form, and Quiz Maker

WordPress plugins 2019

Sometimes it’s fun to include a quiz or poll in your blog. It can also help you get valuable information about what your readers think of your content. Poll, Survey, Form, and Quiz Maker offers several different options for asking your readers questions and hearing your answers. It comes with some pre-made polls, says it can help increase engagement, and is responsive so it looks great however someone accesses your blog.

YotuWP Video Gallery

best WordPress plugins

If you upload or reference videos on YouTube frequently, you should make them easily accessible to your readers. YotuWP Video Gallery offers a variety of layouts to display them. It also letspeople choose their player mode. It’s easy to use, offers styling settings, andis compatible with page builders.

Choosing the Right Plugin

So now you’ve seen a list of the best WordPress plugins 2019 that aren’t quite as well-known as some others. Choosing the right ones for your blog is the next step. Start by readingthrough a list of features that each plugin offers; you might find one thatcatches your eye or solves a problem you didn’t even know you had.

Next, check out the reviews. Sometimes plugins don’t have perfect ratings because reviews experienced legitimate problems with their functionality. Other times, the best WordPress plugins get one or two bad reviews that are clearly not a result of how the plugin works. Reading through them for yourself can help you determine which is the case.

Finally, try one out. It’s easy to install and remove plugins and free WordPress plugins mean that you don’t even have to make an initial investment. There’s no harm in trying something new — especially if you’re not paying for it.

Whether you’re looking for a WordPress SEO plugin or just the best WordPress plugins you haven’t heard ofyet, give one of these a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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