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How to Start an Anonymous Youtube Channel

How to Start an Anonymous Youtube Channel

How to Start an Anonymous Youtube Channel

With YouTube being a video platform, starting an anonymous channel may feel impossible, but this blog is going to show you several YouTube Channel ideas without showing your face, and all the tips and tricks to get started.

Start an Anonymous Youtube Channel

1. Create an Anonymous YouTube Channel Account

When creating your channel, it will be best to use a profile picture, and username that have nothing to do with what you look like or contain your name. For your biography, it will be best to stay vague and dive into your channel, rather than your personal life.

2. Begin making videos

You will need to edit each video to be sure to keep your name, image, and personal details out of it. Once you get the hang of it, it will be an easy step. You will want to grab a camera, create a media kit and install a few editing tools to make professional videos for your channel.

3. Grow your following

The first two steps really are that easy. Once you get started you will be able to continue growing and begin focusing on ways to grow your following and subscribers. Some great ways to do this would be to pair it with other social media platforms as well as a blog. You can use the same username with each platform in order to grow your following.

Benefits of an Anonymous Youtube Channel

Some people find that keeping their real name and image off of social media and blogs is best for their personal life. For some, it is the peace of mind that no one will attach their name to their channel, thus creating unnecessary traffic to their avenues of communication. Others choose anonymity for the sake of their family, specifically their children. The other side of the coin to this is if you show your face but keep your children completely out of it on both your YouTube channel and other social media platforms. For this blog, we will only focus on keeping your own identity a secret from viewers.

Anonymous Youtube channel ideas for different niche audiences: 

Video Game

The options involving video games are more than you may think. Video game aficionados will tune in to streaming and walk-through videos, reviews of a new game, and even tutorials on how to play a new or old game.

Cooking/Recipe Video

Creating a cooking video or recipe-centered video may seem difficult, but it is entirely possible. Your options do become somewhat limited. You will be able to set your phone up in a way that only captures the ingredients and steps without putting an actual person in the shot. Some popular way to create these videos is to treat them as ASMR videos, which stands for an autonomous sensory meridian response. That would involve an aesthetically pleasing way of dumping ingredients into a bowl or pan. At the same time, you’ll want to have only hands in the shot, along with lots of cuts and quick transitions to make the video flow smoothly.

Music and Lyric Videos

Arguably the easiest video to edit, music lyric videos make it so you can take any song and put either a free background on it or a graphic design of your own with lyrics changing on the screen as the song plays.

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Travel and Tour Videos

If you have a travel or lifestyle blog, creating an anonymous Youtube channel for travel videos would be a great extension of your already existing brand. This would make it a bit easier to maintain anonymity since you already have a nice flow going with your blog. If you do not already have a blog, you can still get started with a travel YouTube channel by grabbing a media kit and begin documenting your travels. Keeping yourself out of the camera is fairly easy when you are traveling because you are always the one behind the camera anyways. You could take your subscribers on a tour of the places you travel to, as well as give out helpful advice for different areas of the world you travel. This could include traveling to famous tourist landmarks, museums that allow cameras, and even theme parks.


Editing could be easier, or harder, depending on the type of videos you will be making. If your videos require lots of talking from you, editing may be a little more difficult given you will need lots of graphics to replace the sounds since your head will not be at the forefront. Another idea for this would be having voiceovers rather than real-time videos such as cooking tutorials, craft tutorials, and other how-to videos.

Realistically, there will always be an area of filming, editing, or ideation in general that will be more difficult without being able to show your face or comment on who you are. With that being said, it may all outweigh the possibility of the world knowing who are. It truly depends on your end goal, what you want out of your professional life, personal life, and privacy preferences.


Starting an anonymous Youtube Channel can not only increase your already flowing traffic to an existing blog, but it can also give you a hobby, or a way to dive into your passions outside of your 9-5, without throwing your personal life into it. After reading this blog, you know some popular niches of anonymous YouTube channels, as well as how to create one.

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