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Don’t Forget Your Blog During the Holidays

Don’t Forget Your Blog During the Holidays

Blogging for a living may seem like all fun and games, that is, until you realize that the buck stops with you. You can’t ask your “employer” for days off because you have a family affair. For employees, they usually have official holidays off, with the option of working on those days at higher rates.

While bloggers do have the option of not working during the holidays, there may be repercussions. We all know how important it is to have fresh content, and if you forget your blog for too long, traffic will suffer. And, if you are running a news blog, or something that relies on timing, then forgetting your blog during the holidays is a sure-fire way of losing out.

So how do you blog during the holidays? Here are a couple of tips that will keep you on track.

How to publish posts on your blog during the holidays

Make a list of relevant topics early

blog during the holidays


We all know when the regular holidays are. That means there is no excuse for having no plan for your blog at all. Knowing when the holiday period is coming up, make a list of topics you can write about – way before the season starts. Use relevant seasonal keyword research to improve your blog topics.

You don’t even have to allot a specific hour or day when to write down these topics. After all, ideas come at the oddest moments, so write down whatever topic idea comes to you whenever it does. That way, you have a running list of topics that you can refer to.

You can then cherry pick blog topics when you need to write the posts.

Pro tip: Write evergreen content. For example, if you’re writing for Christmas, then write something that applies to the holidays this year and will apply every Christmas season. Next year, you can even simply write a short post and link to your related evergreen content.

Write your posts and schedule them beforehand

The problem with holidays is that they get so hectic that you run out of time – even if you have tons of ideas to write about. The trick is to set aside specific blocks of time to write your posts – and to stick to those times. You can then schedule the posts to publish during the period you won’t be able to blog regularly. More so, make it a point to give yourself enough time to write those posts and do your regular work as well.

For example, if you’re looking at scheduling posts for the last two weeks of December, work on the articles as early as November. That will give you enough time in case something comes up.

Additionally, double check the relevance/timeliness of your posts. You may be writing evergreen content, but there may be details or references that are out of place.

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Announce that you’ll be taking a break

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If all else fails, and you really don’t have the time to blog, the best option is to announce that you’ll be taking a break. This is a way of showing your audience that you do care about them. And, don’t forget to wish them a happy “whatever holiday it is”.

In fact, this is what we’ve done for our sister blog, Freelance Writing Jobs. Since we post job ads every day, we cannot schedule them in advance. As such, we announced yesterday that we’ll be taking today and Friday off.

Back to you

What do you do? Do you blog during the holidays? Do you have your own strategy? Share them in the comments below.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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