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5 Ways to Increase Blogging Productivity

5 Ways to Increase Blogging Productivity

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Improving your productivity as a blogger is of utmost importance if you want to succeed.

It’s easy to lay prey to pitfalls such as procrastination and poor time management since you have full control of your time and effort.

However, with enough willpower and determination, you can get more things done in less time. That means you can earn money from your blogging efforts faster and better.

Below are ways you can increase blogging productivity so you can build better blogging habits.

Pace Yourself

Blogging is a constantly moving practice. Even when you’re sleeping, your blog does the work for you, assuming that you have great content ranking on top of search results.

That said, don’t make the mistake of cramming everything in a single sitting. That means doing as much as you can until you’ve exhausted yourself day in and out.

While there’s nothing wrong in making the most out of your time blogging, you risk burning yourself out. And once that happens, itwill be much more difficult to become productive. You’ll reach a point when you feel spent from all the work you’ve put in even though there’s still loads to do.

If that’s the case, you need to train pacing yourself when blogging. One of the best methods to do this is the Pomodoro Technique.

In principle, you work in blocks of time with breaks in between. Normally, a working block takes between 15-25 minutes and the breaks takes 5-15 minutes. By alternating between working and taking a break, you maintain the balance of work and rest during the day.

As a result, you lessen the risk of feeling overworked and keep up with the demands of blogging for prolonged periods.

Stay Focused

Successful blogging requires you to plan out ahead of time so you set goals for yourself. Meeting these milestones allows you to feel a sense of achievement every time you accomplish them. At the same time, it brings you closer to making money with your blog.

But to set goals, you need a system to keep track of them. It’s easy to lose your way with your goals especially if you have lots to achieve within a period.

To help you stay focused, you need to use productivity software for startups that will serve as your system. Clickup is one such tool that helps you become more accountable in your blogging goals.

You can create projects within Clickup if you run different blogs. In each, you can create tasks and include details there. You can then set up the start time and deadline for each. Doing this, the tool will send you an email if you need to start the task or if you weren’t able to finish it.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use a tool. If Google Sheets or Microsoft Word works for you, by all times use either instead. The goal is to help you focus on the goals at hand so you can maintain your blogging productivity.

Use an Editorial Calendar

In relation to preparing things ahead of time, an editorial calendar helps you keep track of the blog posts you’ll be writing soon. You can use a calendar to make this – just note down the article title to be published on that day so you have a visual way to keep track of your stuff.


There are other editorial calendar tools that you can use instead that have additional features. For example, CoSchedule can automatically share your post on social media upon publishing. You can also change the publishing dates of all your articles (you can do this using WordPress) if you want to re-publish them again and re-introduce them to your readers.

Use Automation Wisely

In relation to automation, you need to be careful about which tasks to run on autopilot.

You can’t automate the writing process using an article spinner, for instance, because it won’t produce an article suitable for publishing on your blog.

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If you use AI-powered content creation, it’s time to ditch it instead as they can bring more bad than good to your site.

However, if you’re repurposing content, you may want to consider using automation to help you disseminate your content faster and more effectively to your audience. Using CoSchedule, for instance, allows you to share old posts on social media to help give them a new lease in life.

Aside from social media, other blogging tasks you can automate include sending your latest post to your mailing list. This way, you don’t have to log in to your email marketing tool and inform your subscribers about your latest post.

Have Time for Yourself

Part of productivity is having time for yourself. After working like a dog for weeks and months and making a sizable amount from your efforts, it’s only fitting to get yourself a pat on the back and celebrate.

Small things like treating yourself with good food or relaxing on the couch and watching streaming videos on help release endorphins to relieve stress and help you be happy.

Experiencing these things give you incentive to keep doing a good job with your blog for as long as you can!

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