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Boost Your Blogging Creativity

Boost Your Blogging Creativity

As ambitious bloggers, we search for new ways to do our best work. We dive deep and examine specific ways to stay inspired. That’s why it’s so helpful to find a balance between setting stretch goals and setting easy goals.

Setting Stretch Goals

In many ways, school and work encourage setting high goals to keep stretching. This can help us reach our fullest potential in blogging.

Experts in blog writing strongly recommend that bloggers set specific goals to achieve their highest performance. 

These goals may be according to time, or volume. For instance, you could decide to write for an hour every day for a month. Or, you could find that you do your best writing early in the morning, leading to a goal of writing from 5-7 a.m., every day for a month. 

Alternatively, you could set a volume goal: write a specific number of posts, a specific number of words, or a specific set of articles on one topic. By setting clear, quantifiable goals, you’ll keep your writing structured – and headed for success. 

Setting Easy Goals

On the other end of the spectrum is the concept of doing what comes easily – and doing more of it. This kind of approach is supported by medical research as a healthy approach to life – and creativity.

Medical experts advise that doing what comes easily helps people to apply their values to what truly matters. For example, if you save time and energy by writing in your ideal environment, you have more time to spend with your family and friends. 

Sometimes, we avoid what is ‘easy’ because we believe it’s a sign of giving up or failure. However, it can have the opposite effect. We can do what comes easily with a sense of flow.

We can identify what is easy, and do more of it. In doing so, you’ll notice some profound benefits. Doing what comes easily can help you invest in your relationships, expand your creativity, and pursue your highest values.

As you read this, think about what comes easily for you. Is it easy to come up with titles for blog posts? Is it easy to research topics that will appeal to your target audience? Is it easy for you to plan a trilogy of articles on a single topic?

By focusing on ease, you can streamline your workflow and achieve maximum creativity.

Bringing Ease Into Your Work Zone

Many professionals have had productivity and goal-setting drilled into them. We know what it takes to be productive. 

What we can help and support with is bringing ease into our work zone.

As more professionals are working remotely, let’s explore how to bring ease into a home office. 

Use Music To Up Your Creativity

Do you know the joy of putting a record on a turntable? It’s the fully sensual activity of selecting the album, taking the record out of the cover, and placing it on the turntable

Unlike the click of a switch to listen to music online, handling the record and connecting the needle with the album has a visceral appeal. It’s truly ‘hands-on.’ You have the full joy of choosing your tunes, anticipating the sounds, and relishing in the delight of music.

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While each person has a different preference and taste in music, you can explore the international world of music – right in your own office space. As you’re not working in a group setting, and there’s no boss in the room except you – turn up the volume. 

You may find this is just the thing you’ve needed to up your creativity to new heights.

Get Into Motion

What’s your best way to get the creative juices flowing? Get into motion. You may already do this with a personal pre-writing routine such as stretching, dancing, or doing yoga.

Naturally, this is not set in stone and new rituals may evolve over weeks, months, and years. If you notice that a certain type of music gets you in a writing mood – you’ve got some good clues. Explore how to move to the music you love. 

Get Into Patterns

What’s your best pattern for writing? Do you like to put on a record, do a dance, and grab your cup of coffee? Do you like to write at dawn? Or do you have a different routine? Notice what pattern you follow when you’re doing your best work. 

To boost your blogging creativity, balance setting goals for stretch – with goals for ease. 

Here’s to your best blog writing ever!

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