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How To Charge Clients For Your Blogging Work

How To Charge Clients For Your Blogging Work

Blogging has gone beyond the personal level and in recent years, has been embraced by entrepreneurs and even the major companies. For the business folks, having a blog in addition to a website is beneficial to their online presence as it allows them to reach out more to their target audience through updates on their products or services as well as the latest trends in their specific niche.

Companies that don’t have the staff to maintain and write articles for their blogs are now outsourcing to freelancers. Through this method, they avoid the overhead cost and can keep their blogs updated on a regular basis.

Freelance bloggers today are also taking advantage of various opportunities available to them. They normally accommodate several projects and charge their clients either on a per project basis or on an hourly rate. Bloggers charge differently depending on the volume of writing work required as well as their experience and skills. Those with many years of experience and varied skills usually charge higher fees compared to those with less experience. It is expected that those charging a high rate should be able to provide quality articles, have a deeper understanding of blogging, social media and blogging tools, are able to manage blogging platforms and are more reliable and efficient.

Common Pay Rates for Bloggers

When it comes to pay rates, there are bloggers who charge per word while the others charge by the hour. Still, there are others who may charge a lower rate if a bulk order is involved. For the more experience, though, they may charge a fixed rate for a certain job.

Typically, fees for each blog post may range from as low as $5 to as high as $80 to $100. Again, this will depend on the length and quality of the article and the research involved in writing the blog post. Also take into account the blogger’s experience and skills.

Bloggers, for their part, should make sure to provide clients with their portfolio at the start of their work. In addition, they should issue a professional invoice every time they complete their tasks. There are many online services that offer free templates such as Invoice Home hence, there’s no reason not to be able to provide a proper invoice.

Scope of Work

Not many people know that the work of bloggers goes beyond just writing articles. Those who do freelance work and even those who are hired by companies perform other tasks such as researching for up-to-date information including statistics if necessary. Research involves checking legitimate and authority websites, looking through special reports and studies and making comparisons.

Bloggers also need to come up with various topics on a single subject and present them to clients for approval. This will normally include keywords and anchor texts.

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Choosing images relevant to their blog posts is another common task. They may be asked to include one or two photos from sites that provide free yet quality photos.

Another task that may be requested is the inclusion of several links from trusted sources in the article. Links are important as they supplement information provided by the blogger and Google likes them as well.

Publishing the article on the client’s blog is also a common task of bloggers today. Once a client establishes a smooth relationship with the blogger, they may request the freelancer to publish the blog post on a specified day and time. This will also involve providing the category, meta tags and description and adding images (featured image and those within the body of the article).

Again depending on the volume of work involved, a blogger can ask for a higher fee if necessary. The more work and time involved, the higher should be the asking rate.

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