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Checklist for Choosing a Perfect WordPress Blog Theme

Checklist for Choosing a Perfect WordPress Blog Theme

Despite the fact that the market offers a wide selection of WordPress blog themes, it is not a simple task to launch one. Moreover, it is difficult to pick a field that would be popular yet not too competitive. Thankfully there are such articles as 11 suggested topic ideas for beginner bloggers that help novice bloggers the most beneficial field of their online activity. 

Picking the right topic for a blog is essential since it significantly narrows the list of WordPress themes you could use. Of course, you can pick a multipurpose WordPress theme, adjust its look so that it fits your specific needs and install 5 most important WordPress plugins every new site needs in order to empower the website with extraordinary features. 

But why you would reinvent the wheel if there are dozens of beautiful WordPress themes dedicated to specific niches? Today, we will share a checklist for choosing a perfect blog WordPress theme using an example of top 5 blog WordPress themes.

1. Is it relevant? 

As we have said earlier, specifying goals is the first priority task for all bloggers. Such an approach would help you to pick a theme with a relevant design. So that you dave your time and get lots of ready-made content which fits your needs. 

Every blog theme must come with a rich kit of blog post features. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create a professional look for your blog and will be forced to seek help from web design studious, but such services are quite expensive.

You need to clarify which features are most beneficial for your blog. For example, that would be weird to pick a business WordPress theme stuffed with Booked Appointments plugin, pricing tables, and other business-oriented features launching a personal blog.  It would be wise to use the keyword “best personal blog WordPress themes”, as such themes come with certain functionality that meets the requirements of the niche representatives.  

If you are still in doubts which niche to put yourself into, you can pick a more versatile however premium theme, such as Marcell WordPress theme. This is a multi-concept WordPress theme, which features over 20 layouts. So you have a space for creativity and can pick the most appropriate demo once you are ready. 

2. Is it up-to-date?

There are lots of bestseller WordPress themes that remain the most favorable solution for a wide audience. Such themes often have the best ratings and overwhelmingly positive feedbacks. However, there is a chance the look of such a theme is quite outdated since it was made years ago. 

It might sound scary to charge headlong into the unknown however, we believe it is much better to take a risk and pick a recently made WordPress theme than pick a good old bestseller and stay outdated. 

A clear example of how a modern blog WordPress theme should look like is the Especio theme. As you can see, it is built in accordance with the latest web design trends and has the latest technical features: WordPress 5.0 full compatibility and Gutenberg optimization. 

As you may know, WordPress have shifted their default customizer with Gutenberg, which is wonderful news for bloggers as this builder is based on a drag and drop technology so there is no need to interact with the website code at all. Such a theme would be a perfect solution not only for a blog but for any modern website. 

3. Is it mobile-friendly?

Way too many people go online on their mobile devices. Actually, over 50% of all web traffic comes from tablets and phones. It means all the content you share should be adaptive enough to fit smartphone screen and not to look ugly. You will cover this need picking the theme made with clean and valid HTML code. One of such themes is Gutentype. And once you get a theme crafted with a high-quality code you find even more advantages for your blog. 

Apart from a spotless look on all devices, you get a guarantee of a high rate in a search engine. Such a code is comprehensive for a search engine understanding, which means you get a better chance to reach the top position in Google and other search engines that your competitors. 

4. Is it customizable? 

Even though we recommend you to pick a theme that covers a specific subject, there is still a need to fill it with the custom content.  For that very reason, you need a theme that is bundled with a drag-and-drop content builder. There are several comprehensive drag-and-drop composers so you can pick one that seems handier for you. There are themes that are compatible with several content builders, such as Vagabonds, for example. This theme is Gutenberg optimized and features WPBakery page builder. 

You will find lots of tutorials online on how to use these tools. Moreover, any reputable provider supplies customers with a pack of theme documentation which guides WordPress newbies through the theme smoothly and effortlessly. 

Most of such themes come with a flexible theme color palette, a wide range of web fonts, icons, logos, and other elements that make an impact on the visual component of the website. 

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Another aspect that affects the website customizability is compatibility with premium plugins. Using plugins you can rich your website with innovative features and find outstanding ways to represent your content. 

So, if the theme has a relevant design and offers ample customization opportunities – it is a “win-win” option. 

5. Is it user-friendly?

If you have no experience under your belt or a team of professional designers that would manage the website for you, then the usability of the ready-made theme is a feature worth mentioning. Before buying any theme, check out its demo, rating, read all comments and feedback on it. We also suggest you to try to find a video tutorial on how to work with this theme. 

Also, make sure you buy a theme with detailed theme documentation and professional support included and. So that all your issues will be solved in no time. 

As you can see, it is dead easy to pick a perfect WordPress blog theme – ask yourself 5 simple questions and answer them honestly. Now, you have no more reasons to hesitate with launching your own blog.

Once you have all your ideas organized into the content you are good to go with buying a WordPress blog theme. The installation and customization will take no longer than two days. 

The one thing you should remember is that the website design is just half of successful blogging. The most important aspect of your blog is the actual content you share as it is the way you show off your personality and spread your ideas online. Always make sure you bring value to the audience and you will become the most popular blogger for sure.  

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