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Content Ideas for New Blogs During the Pandemic

Content Ideas for New Blogs During the Pandemic

Have you been thinking about starting a blog for the longest time but couldn’t due to lack of time? Well, seeing that everyone’s currently in quarantine and suddenly has a lot of time in their hands, now would be the perfect time to create a blog. However, coming up with content ideas is another thing altogether. In addition, it might be challenging to draw some inspiration from the outside world considering the current situation.

To start, it’s best to write a blog about something you already know about and you’re actually interested in. It’s not just about starting a blog but actually maintaining it for the long run so knowledge about the topic is highly important. There are several ideas you can write about depending on the category you’re interested in. Here are some content ideas you can consider depending on the niche that you’re into.

Home Projects and Decorations

Being cooped up at home has made a lot of people get into home decorations. Creating a blog about home projects and decorations would surely become a hit during this time. If you’re staying at home 24/7, might as well make it as comfortable as possible. You can draw inspiration from blogs like The Inspired Room, House Beautiful, and Apartment Therapy.

If you’re struggling to come up with some content ideas for this category, here are some suggestions:

  • How to set up your workstation at home
  • Building a movie theater at the comfort of your own home
  • Allocating drop zones for street clothes, shoes, and groceries from outside
  • Setting up family game nights in the living room
  • Tips and tricks for spring cleaning
  • Having your own coffee station at home
  • How to improve connectivity and productivity while working from home
  • How to save energy when everyone’s at home
  • Getting to know house materials that are more resistant to bacteria
  • How to make your home safer and healthier through a UV filtration
  • Tips on how to properly clean your appliances
  • Do-It-Yourself ideas like building shelves, making coasters, etc.

Product Reviews and Experiences

If you like testing out new products – be it skincare, food, or gadgets – creating a blog that reviews these is a good way to go. After all, it’s common for people to look for reviews before buying any product to make sure that it’s worth the money or hype. You can refer to theklog and Beauty Within if you’re on the lookout for skincare products to try out. On the other hand, you can check out The Gadget Flow, The Verge, and TechCrunch for the latest gadgets in the market today. Here are some content ideas you can mull over:

  • The best moisturizers for dry skin during the winter months
  • How to incorporate retinol into your skincare routine
  • Why serums are essential to your skin
  • The best gel creams for oily skin
  • Top 10 best Android phones of 2020
  • Is MacBook Pro worth the price?
  • Comparisons between high-end gadgets

Things to Do While in Quarantine

People are bound to get bored having been stuck at home for months. Hence, you can start a blog about what people can do while in quarantine to pass the time. Whether they’re alone or living with their families, a blog about recreational activities would help them be more productive with their time at home. To start, you can blog about the following content ideas:

  • Game ideas for game nights for families at home
  • Fun outdoor (yard or garden) activities with the kids: planting, chasing butterflies, collecting fireflies
  • Cooking up or trying out new recipes in the kitchen
  • List of movies or shows (by genre) to watch at home
  • New hobbies you can try: drawing, painting, dancing, etc.
  • Gardening tips and tricks
  • Learning a new skill: a new language, knitting, cooking, etc.
  • Top 10 books (by genre) to read during the quarantine
  • How to keep pets in tiptop shape while in quarantine

Video Blogging Inside Your House

Aside from writing, you can also opt for video blogs or vlogs as your form of blogging. Now, this might require some technical skills like video editing but if you’re up for it, then why not? The main platform for vlogs these days is Youtube so you can get a lot of ideas from there. Below are some content ideas that you can start with:

  • House or room tour
  • Hosting a workshop like how to make soap or candles
  • Daily vlogs that show them what you do every day
  • Doing an activity on video: while cooking, gardening, sewing, organizing, etc.
  • Showing your online shopping hauls and recommendations
  • Making mukbang videos
  • How you organize your closets

Keeping Your Mental Health in Shape

The pandemic has affected people all over the world not just physically but also mentally. Not being able to go out and socialize with other people have negative impacts on people’s mental well-being. Creating a blog about mental health and how to keep people sane despite the circumstances would certainly be helpful especially right now. Here are some content ideas that you can write about:

  • Top 10 apps that can help with mental health issues
  • How to avoid feeling stuck at home
  • Allocating a stress-free zone in your house
  • Tips on how to effectively release stress
  • How to establish work-life balance while working from home
  • How an emotional corner can help alleviate the emotional burden
  • Different ways to meditate and free your mind

Fitness Journey at Home

Aside from mental health, people are also struggling with their physical health. With several gyms and parks closed due to the pandemic, people are unable to go about their usual workouts. If you’re into fitness, you can write about how people can maintain or improve their physical health even while they’re cooped up at home. Some blogs you can check out for inspiration include Ace Fitness, Nerd Fitness, and The Balanced Life.

Below are some content ideas to think about:

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  • Targeted exercises you can do indoors
  • Tools at home that you can use as lifting weights
  • Workout supplies that you can buy for your home
  • Top trainers to follow for effective workouts
  • Best meals to eat before exercise
  • Cool-down exercises after a rigorous workout session
  • High-protein foods that will help build your muscle

Corporate/Business Tips and Tricks

The pandemic is hitting the economy hard. Multiple businesses from all over the world have shut down as an effect of this pandemic. Some businesses are struggling just to stay open while others are trying to start one online. There are business blogs like Fast Company and Chris Brogan Media that offer concepts on how to go about your businesses to make it successful.

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, it would be helpful to create a blog about business tips and tricks during these trying times. Some topics you can talk about include:

  • The importance of vendor partnerships
  • The challenges you faced as a company and how you overcame them
  • Tips and tricks on how to save money on supplies
  • List of well-vouched suppliers
  • Essential roles that played a huge part in keeping the company afloat
  • How to effectively market your products and services online
  • Tips on how to properly take care of your employees
  • How to maintain great customer service

These content ideas should help you get started in creating your blog during the pandemic. Stay inspired and write to your heart’s content. Now is a good time as any to start your blogging journey, especially with people having more time to read at home. Make great content that would prove educational or useful to people looking for tips and inspiration during this time.

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