How to Create Content for a Narrow Niche

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It’s tough being a blogger these days. With so many options to choose from and many new ones cropping up every day on the interwebs, readers have a vast selection of blogs they can gravitate towards.

This inevitably makes the blogosphere a very competitive environment which means that bloggers have to do everything they can to stand out from the crowd. Especially given the fact that most blogs die out before their first year is up.

To avoid disappearing into the ether never to be heard from again, a blogger has to provide superb content to its readers to keep them coming back for more. This is an important consideration particularly if you choose a narrow niche for your blog and making it will necessitate some smart choices.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking of starting a blog in a narrow niche.

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Define your core motivation: Have you asked yourself what is the main purpose of your blog? If you haven’t, you’re already at a disadvantage. This is a question that you must have a clear and concise answer to be a successful blogger. If you don’t know what its purpose is, how can you create content that will serve your blog?

So, before even getting started, define what your objective is, once that is done make sure to keep it at the forefront of your mind and you’ll have a definite chance of making it work.

Don’t focus so much on making money: Too many people start a blog with the thought of “I’m going to create a blog to make money in (insert niche).” If the point of your blog is to make money, maybe being focused in a very narrow niche will not be very productive.

As a blogger, you have to have a passion for your niche to be successful, if you’re not that into it, or if your primary focus is money, the chances are that your readers will pick up on this faster than you may think.

I suggest that if you’re focused on making your blog profitable, you choose a broad niche so that you can have more opportunities for income.

Have passion for your niche: One of the main reasons that a blogger burns out is because they didn’t feel passionate enough about what they’re writing about. Think about it, if you have to force yourself to write a piece you’re not feeling, you won’t be able to produce quality content. This means that your blog will not be successful in the end.

Could you spend a few hours a week writing about stuff you don’t love? Sure, but a successful blog needs way more work than that.

Allow your blog room to grow: Say that you’re really into reading and want to create a blog for book reviews. You love it, it’s going well, but maybe in a couple of years, you want to spice things up and have an interview with an author.

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Your blog should allow you to grow as a content creator, as your interests and feelings change, the content on your blog should reflect it. If you’re too restrictive when it comes to your niche, you will be missing out on plenty of opportunities that would help you along your blogger path.

Have a plan: How much time will you dedicate to your blog? What will your style be like? How often will you post? How long should the articles be? How will you promote it? (Hint: guest posting is a great way to reach a bigger audience) If you can come up with a clear path for your blog and you stick to it, you will benefit greatly.

Try different content creation strategies: It’s hard to know what will work and what won’t on your readers unless you try it first. As mentioned in point 5, you may have a plan of how you wish your blog to work, but if you don’t spice things up now and then you risk boring your readers. A blog has to stay up to date and flowing with new ideas to keep the readers’ interest, and there’s no better way of doing so than trying out different content creation strategies.

Brainstorming, for example, is an oldie but a goodie. If you’re struggling when coming up with new post ideas, you can always get together with friends or family and ask them to help you brainstorm. I can guarantee that other people have tons of different ideas and fresh perspectives that will help you come up with new and exciting content.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box: When it comes to creating your blog and choosing a niche, don’t worry if you can’t pick between two of your passions. Here’s a novel idea; why not both? The best inventions are happening as a result of a merger of several spheres, so it would benefit your blog greatly if you can present a subject from two entirely different perspectives. Not only will this make your blog unique, but it will also make it extremely attractive.

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