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Create Trivia Quizzes and Grow Your Blog

Create Trivia Quizzes and Grow Your Blog

create trivia quizzes

Did you know trivia quizzes can help you increase engagement by 500%? In this write-up we take a look at how trivia quizzes can help you increase engagement and sales for your business. Before we move over to that let us take a look at what trivia quizzes are.

What Are Trivia Quizzes? 

These are knowledge-based quizzes that your teachers may have asked you in school. In the world of digital marketing, it is a proven technique that boosts engagement and creates more opportunities for sale. In these quizzes you create a list of questions with multiple answers for each one of them and mark the correct answer. The user would choose one answer and check if he/she selected the right one before moving over to the next question. At the end of the quiz, you offer them a success score based on their overall performance. Here are some of the benefits of using trivia quizzes for your marketing:

  • Improve Brand Recognition – Trivia quizzes allow you to engage with potential customers more and increases your outreach. You can use this increased brand recognition to your advantage by aligning your business goals with the users’ needs.
  • Generate Leads – Quizzes are a great way to encourage your audience to share their email ids and phone numbers. These leads along with other information such as their interests and bucket list help create more opportunities for sale.
  • Increase Visibility – Since quizzes engage your audience actively you will increase your online visibility by the means of likes and shares.

create trivia quizzes

Use Trivia Maker for Trivia Quizzes

A Trivia Maker allows to you create the most engaging and entertaining quizzes. These are easy-to-use online tools that let you create and publish quizzes without the knowledge of coding. They work on the WYSIWYG principle and can be used by anyone with basic computer and internet skills. Once you have created your own quiz you can publish these on your website or share them on popular social media platforms. While different quiz makers have different workflows, here are the basic steps involved in making trivia quizzes.

  • Create The Quiz – You start by creating a quiz where you set the title, the design them and the description of the quiz.
  • Set The Questions – In the next stage you set the questions along with the answers. To make it pleasing to the eyes you can make use of images and videos.
  • Set The Logic – Next you set the logic for the quiz in terms of when the users would be shown the correct answers and what happens at the end of the quiz.
  • Collect Leads – If you wish to collect leads at the end of your quiz set the rules for lead generation. This step is however optional.

create trivia quiz

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Things to Keep In Mind while Creating Trivia Quizzes

  • Audience – You needs to know who your target audience is. If they are bloggers or digital marketers you must create quizzes around their domain knowledge as this will engage them more.
  • Length – Internet users tend to be impatient so make sure your quizzes are short and sweet. If you see a high level of engagement you can follow it up a lengthy quiz.
  • Ease –The first few questions shouldn’t scare the user and encourage them to abort. Increase the difficulty level gradually as this will keep them engaged.
  • Creativity – There are millions of quizzes floating around the internet. Hence you need to put your creative mind to good use and make your quiz stand apart from the crowd.
  • Humour – You aren’t a school teacher testing the knowledge of the students. Add fun and humour to the quiz to keep the users hooked on.
  • Knowledge – While your questions must be easy you need to make sure the users have to use their grey matter. Don’t make it too easy for everyone to have a 100% score.
  • Sharing – You must encourage your users to share the quiz within their network. To do this you must make creative use of image and text. For instance, if you offer them titles such as Grand Master, Wizard etc. at the end of the quiz based on their success score they would be encouraged to share them in their network.
  • Positivity – The outcome, questions and results of the quiz should be positive. Don’t use any element that can hurt the feelings and sensitivities of the audience. If the outcome is positive they would share more.
  • Visuals – Internet is a visual medium and if you have text, text and more text you are not likely to reach high levels of engagement. Use images, graphics and videos to make your quiz entertaining.

To sum up, trivia quizzes are the best way to engage your audience and also convert these engagements into sales. Choose the right trivia quiz maker and you would generate qualified leads and increase conversions.           

This post was written by Mark Gill. He is a writer and marketing expert. He specializes in interactive content and spends most of his time online looking out for new things and implementing the best possible solutions for his work. He constantly explores trends in content marketing and uses them to increase engagement and ensure success. He has always strived for perfection and is surely on the path to achieving it.

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