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9 Fitness Blog WordPress Themes

9 Fitness Blog WordPress Themes

Fitness blogs are sure to gather a lot of internet traffic. Within the fitness blogging niche, there are lots of other sub-niches you can create content for. Yoga blogs, health blogs, weightlifting, CrossFit, and more. There are always new gadgets, new techniques, and new tips to write about. It is always fun to write fitness blogs, especially if you are into fitness yourself.

To perfectly embody the niche, creating design elements in your blog is essential. One of the first things you must consider is the theme as this will surely affect every other design elements like fonts, color palette, and background images. There are a lot of themes available for WordPress sites for you to explore.

If you’re thinking of starting out a blog, here are some of the fitness blog WordPress themes you could try out:

Yoga and fitness themes

Nowadays, yoga has gained so much popularity over the years. It is the kind of exercise you can do at a gym or even at home. A lot of people do private yoga and meditation practices, this is why creating a yoga blog is sure to hit a lot of traffic.

What kinds of content can you create for a yoga blog? There is a lot, really. Different forms and techniques of meditation can be a good topic example. You can also write about different levels of yoga practices – from beginner to advanced. Another good topic would be to write reviews about investing on equipment like yoga mats, yoga blocks, stretch bands, and more.

Here are some unique yoga blog themes for you to try for your own website:

Yoga Fit



Gym, bodybuilding, and CrossFit themes

These are the kinds of themes that show big, buff men lifting weights. Or, there are images of men using the equipment. The niche is so vast, there are so many things to write about all the time. Of course, there should be articles on gym tips, pros and cons, and the like. You can also create a gym finder blog. For instance, when a user types in “gyms in Orange County” it will point out all the locations, rates, and hours for gyms located in Orange County.

Here are great examples of themes for the gym, bodybuilding, and CrossFit blogs:



Health and Wellness themes

If you are thinking of going into fitness blogging, you must also consider the health and wellness niche. What is the use of a fit body if you don’t achieve overall wellness? You could write different topics on nutrition, diets, sleep patterns, recipes, and more for this kind of blog. Another possible layout would be writing a fitness advice blog giving personal tips on healthy living and wellness. Or, you could write a blog for health and wellness on a budget. There are so many possible angles to write about in this sub-niche of fitness blogging.

Here are some of the best health and wellness themes for WordPress:

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Healthy Living

Fitness blog WordPress themes for women

We all know that there is a wide gender gap between men and women concerning going to the gym. A lot of women, based on a study, avoid going to the gym because of a variety of reasons. It could be fear of being judged, harassed, or stereotyped. Many women are even intimidated by the gym because they worry that the clothes they wear will affect how others treat them inside.

This makes creating fitness blogs for women a worthwhile and profitable niche.  You can write about home practices, workout plans, goal setting, and the like. To help women keep their intimidation at bay, you can also create content about equipment basics and attire tips. Maybe you can even post articles on how to deal with, avoid, and report harassment. There are so many things to write about for women’s fitness blogs.

Here are some themes that you can use for fitness blogs for women:

Avada Fitness

Girly Gym Fitness Theme

There you have it! There are so many avenues and angles to write about when creating a fitness blog. There are also so many themes, both free and affordable, that you could use and explore.

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