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Grammarly and 5 Other Plagiarism Checkers Ranked

Grammarly and 5 Other Plagiarism Checkers Ranked

Grammarly and 5 Other Plagiarism Checkers Ranked

Unless you never write, Grammarly is probably a part of your everyday life. Grammarly has been there to help with all things grammar, sentence structure, readability, and believe it or not, plagiarism. Whether it be writing blog posts, sending out emails, or creating graphics for a brand, Grammarly is a helpful tool. 

Although Grammarly has made a name for itself by way of its namesake, grammar. Obviously, the tool has made it easy to catch grammar errors and help with proofreading. It is useful for everything from emails to term papers. When looking for a plagiarism checker, Grammarly has been there all along. Have you been using the tool to its highest potential? 

Grammarly has made a solid name for itself. It will continue to be at the top of my personal list. However, there are other viable options. Here are 5 more plagiarism checkers to consider ranked based on my personal use and opinion. 


 1. EasyBib

Similar to other plagiarism checkers, Easybib is a copy, paste, and-done type of website. It is free to simply throw your writing in and check your plagiarism percentages. With the free plan, you are able to check once on a writing sample, but with the paid plan at just under $10 per month, you can have unlimited plagiarism checker, along with unlimited grammar and sentence structure suggestions, and citation creation help. 


2. Quetext

There are not many websites as user-friendly as Quetext. Similar to EasyBib, you can easily check for plagiarism without downloading anything onto your computer.  Although it is not ideal for long-form content, Quetext can check for plagiarism by simply copying and pasting anything you would like to get checked. 


3. Scribbr, powered by Turnitin

If you went to school in the 2010s, chances are you heard of Turnitin in some capacity. Teachers and professors of all levels were beginning to discover Turnitin, and would have their students submit research papers, and essays into the software, rather than straight to the teacher. This would make it easy for teachers to know immediately if an assignment was plagiarized, This not only made it easier on the teachers, but it made the students think twice before they tried their hand at taking the easy way out of an assignment. Because Turnitin is typically used for students, Scribbr was created to be a helping hand to those no matter what part of life they are in. All you have to do is go to Scribbr’s site, upload your document, and read the results. 


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4. Viper

Rather than a site you visit and upload, Viper is software installed on your computer. Teachers have used this for years to scan students’ assignments quickly and pain-free, but you by no means have to be a teacher to use Viper. It is a handy tool for anyone who aims to publish work. 


5. Plagscan

Just as the name indicates, Plagscan is a tool to identify potential cases of plagiarism in order to properly reference others and build proper pieces of written works. There are affordable plans for both individuals and organizations with a simple process, upload and check. 



Using a plagiarism site can be very useful for properly referencing others in your work, as well as making sure you did not accidentally use someone else’s ideas without knowing it. It is clear that not all plagiarism is known, so staying ahead of the game with these options can be a big help.

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