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Gym Hashtags You Should Be Using for Your Fitness Blog

Gym Hashtags You Should Be Using for Your Fitness Blog

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Hashtags are one of the features on social media that can help you tailor your search to be exactly what you want, nothing more and nothing less. It is a way to only see things related to your hashtag, or posts that use those same specific hashtags. For different blog niches, there are different hashtags that are helpful during the writing and searching process. For this blog, we will focus on fitness blogs and gym hashtags that will help expand your audience for your blog.

Fitness blogs on social media can be found by using hashtags. Some tried and true gym hashtags are #exerciseroutine, #gymlife, #dietexercise, #training #motivation, and of course, #fitness.

In the same way that a hashtag can help boost a blog, it can also hurt the performance of a blog. Using the wrong hashtags can be a huge hindrance to the statistics on any given post. A few of the hashtags that are not welcome on Instagram are #bikinibody #killingit #loseweight among others. Instagram has the ability to ban hashtags based on the response of users.

Relating Social Media Engagement to Hashtags

Brands have the ability to write their own story with hashtags to improve engagement with their brand. If for some reason the hashtag you researched just is not performing, you can change it in the next post, it is that simple.

Research is also incredibly important to determining which hashtags will perform the best within your already established followers, and which hashtags will help to actually grow your follower count. Some things you should be researching are the demographics of your followers, the performance of your desired hashtags within that demographic, and similar hashtags to what you want to use.

Something of note: 

Social media platforms have different thresholds for hashtags. Twitter supports them differently than Instagram, and Instagram is different than Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok and the like. This does not come as a shock seeing as how different the platforms are, and as a brand yourself, you will want to present your posts slightly differently for each platform.

Popular for 2023

The tried and true hashtags from above are continuously in, and should be considered when posting new fitness content. This is especially true if your blog is on the younger side and has not been heavily established yet in your niche communities. Even the most experienced bloggers will want to throw in #fitness or #motivation to boost their engagement. Of course, it is important to tailor your hashtags to your targeted audience and niche fitness community.


As you know, not all fitness blogs are the same. The blog of a long-distance runner will look drastically different from that of someone who does CrossFit. Your hashtags will be able to help curate your blog to your target audience and can be fairly blunt like the 4 examples below.





Brand Marketing

While there are plenty of hashtags to use that will help reach a wider audience, it is also important to bring your own branded hashtags into the posts. Even if the total number of posts with those hashtags is relatively small, there will be no way for it to grow if you do not continuously and diligently use your own branded hashtags with each post. Eventually, others may include the hashtag so that their posts go along with the community you hope to build.

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Though a hashtag can feel like a small piece of the picture, there is a big picture to think about when creating a blog. For your fitness blog, this will help with your overall presence and trust from your audience.

Here are 3 examples of big-name brands and their brand marketing hashtags.

Brooks Running: #runhappy

Under Armour: #iwill

North Face: #neverstopexploring

It may seem like second nature for these larger brands to be associated with a specific hashtag, but at one point it was just a hashtag and the brand built it from the ground up.

Wrap Up

Generally, hashtags help give credibility, increase brand awareness, and promote engagement. They have been popular for drawing out trends and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, especially gym hashtags. This blog has given you a starting block for health and fitness blogs in 2023. Including what to steer clear of and what to use immediately.

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