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The Easiest Digital Products to Sell on Your Blog

The Easiest Digital Products to Sell on Your Blog

digital product to sell on blog

Digital products are a way for bloggers and businesses to earn extra money in a relatively passive way. Creating digital products can be time-consuming, but the outcome can be incredible.


The benefits of adding digital products to your blog are quite literally endless. With digital products, you do not have to deal with the hassle that comes with physical products. There are no shipping prices or deadlines to meet, not to mention the supply chain issues and delays you will be avoiding by offering digital products. With virtually no start-up costs for the product, it immediately becomes passive income with the only thing lost is the time used to create the product. You do the work one time and beyond that, you watch the money roll in.

How to sell digital products

  1. Create the product
  2. Secure e-commerce platform

There are several e-commerce platforms to choose from, some specialize in physical products, digital products, or both. A few to look into for digital products are SendOwl, Sellfy, and Podia. MemberPress is a great plug-in option for blogs that are already run through WordPress.

There truly isn’t much more to accomplish before you can start selling your wonderful digital products on your blog. Though there are tons of digital product options beyond those listed, below are 5 proven digital products to earn you a steady passive income while blogging.

1. Ebooks

Creating an ebook does not mean you need to write a whole book, though if that’s something you are interested in, absolutely dive in and go for it! Compiling your favorite tried and true recipes into a digital cookbook is one option for an ebook. Recipes are not the only ebook example. In fact, any guide or how-to will be a successful ebook opportunity. Another of my favorite ebook options is the digital planner. Sure many people love to put pen to paper, and they could technically do that with a digital printout, but it would use lots of paper to print at home. Creating a digital planner would make it easy to use your laptop, tablet, or phone to plan your days and weeks ahead at home or on the go.

2. Templates

There are templates for everything imaginable such as resumes, newsletters, cover letters, resignation letters, emails, etc. You could spend the dedicated hours needed to create the templates and then add them to your blog site for purchase. This is especially helpful if your blog already has an employment-ready, or workforce-esque niche.

3. Online Courses

An online course does not have to strictly relate to school or academic work. You could create digital, paid, online courses for amateur makeup and hair, mixology and bartending, relationships, self-help or development, technology, and more. There will always be an audience willing to learn, and by you have a resource on a blog they may already be a habitual reader of, you are helping with that desire to learn.

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4. Prints and Graphics

If you are a more artistic blogger or have an eye for photography, you can easily set up your work on a digital paid download. Depending on your audience, you may already have dedicated buyers without having to do any advertising.

5. Subscription – Newsletters

On your blog, you can have the option to introduce a paid and free version by creating a newsletter or subscription or the like. This would be bonus content that the blog would not push out for free, but would still be within the same niche of your blog.


Introducing a digital product into your blog is a great way to earn passive income and grow your audience. After reading this blog you have several ideas to kickstart your own digital product creation and begin earning from your blog in a new way.

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