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Habits of Prolific Bloggers

Habits of Prolific Bloggers

Blogging can be the easiest thing in the world, but it can also be the most frustrating activity; especially when you run out of steam after the first few months of being on a high.

habits of prolific bloggers

Some of you may wonder at how other bloggers seem to continue churning out post after post, seemingly without facing the issue of running out of things to write.

Do you want to be as prolific a blogger as those you admire? It’s not entirely impossible. Form these habits, and you’ll be well on your way to publishing posts constantly without sacrificing the quality of your writing.

They have a running list of topics.

This may very well be the most important habit to form. You’ve experienced it yourself. You come up with brilliant ideas at the oddest of times: when you’re taking a shower, when you’re doing the dishes, or when you’re out for a walk. Ideas come when you’re browsing the web. Ideas bug you when you’re drifting off to sleep.

habits of prolific bloggers

This is why you should always have a notebook (or an app that serves the same purpose). Putting down those ideas for future reference when you run out of topics will save your butt many times over.

They tap into alternative resources.

Another of the top habits of prolific bloggers: being able to sniff out topics by expanding their sources. While everyone of us have go-to resources, there are so many other not-so-popular gems out there.

Those are the ones you want to find. Sure, there are some restrictions like location – especially for bloggers not in the US or UK, but there VPN services to circumvent that. For example, there are loads of valuable content you can view via BBC iPlayer, but they may not be accessible due to your location. Look around for providers to solve that problem.

Then there are offline sources, which may not be the first thing that come to mind. Think of newspapers, magazines, and books. Think interacting with people at cafes, conferences, seminars, and so on.

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They are observant.

A writer sees an idea everywhere. The same thing applies to you and blogging. When you go out, whatever it is you’re about, if you make it a habit to be more observant than usual, you will always get an idea or two to blog about.

They read.

“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.”
—Samuel Johnson

While this quote specifically mentions writing a book, bloggers can learn something from it as well. You learn from reading other people’s blogs, web sites, news sites, and books. Not only do you get inspired (hence, ideas), but you also learn about writing style. Of course, this means that you learn to weed out the trash, which unfortunately, there is a lot of online.

The bottom line

Anyone can be a prolific blogger if he really wants to. These are only some of the habits of prolific bloggers, and I’m sure there are more.

Do you have any habits to add to the list? Share them with us!

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