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How to Be a Pro at Blog Management

How to Be a Pro at Blog Management

Do you think that your blog is growing too big to handle alone? Are there too many client demands and you can’t keep up? Maybe some blog management tips could help. Any blog that started out small could always grow with good blog management.

Key Team members for blog management

Bigger teams would require more effort and resources to manage. If you are the type to still want to be hands-on with all the works, you don’t really need such a big team to manage a blog. Sometimes, a couple helping hands is key to good blog management. This is why building a small yet efficient team is important for any growing blog. Here are the most important, key team members any good blog management team should have:

Assistant or manager

The manager could always be you, especially if you have a single blog to run. But if you have more than one blog, sometimes a manager or an assistant could be helpful. In fact, hiring virtual assistants are a trend nowadays. This personnel is great for handling clerical work like answering emails and calls. They could also help work on email subscriptions and interview transcriptions. If you want to take it a notch, you could hire assistants to do editing work and contractor management.

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When a blog reaches a certain level of popularity, more than a single source of income is possible. Visibility in social media and brand partnerships are always a possibility for any kind of blog. Because of such varied sources of income, handling taxes could always be tricky. Maybe hiring a bookkeeper is also handy if regularly maintaining accountants are too expensive for your budget.


Let’s face it, handling a growing blog can get too hectic at times. There may be times when you will not have the time to create content anymore. This is why hiring contractors on an on-need basis is helpful. This could be a social media manager to handle your blog publicity during holidays. It could be a team of content creators for short-term contracts. Remember, hiring a team of writers could create a new perspective for a blog. Also, if a website needs some updating maybe hiring a graphic artist is good.

Technical Support

When contractors are involved, a blog is bound to have some sort of technical bug or issue. To ensure that the blog is up and working at all times, hiring a technical support person may be a good idea. This person could handle all issues presented by contractors like upload difficulties and the like. A technical support person could also ensure that a blog is up to speed with important updates and plug-ins.

Managing a Small Team

Now that more than one mind is at work for your blog, it is important to learn the works of managing a small team. There should be a mix of control and freedom. For instance, creators and artists could produce their own content that is within the guidelines which have been set by the team. Or, the accountant could work remotely and at his pace as long as the tax plan is met regularly. Remember, micromanagement could be counter-intuitive for hiring a team to work for your growing blog. However, there must always be a clear set of expectations given to all members of the blog management team.

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Another tip to remember when managing a small team is to ensure that they understand your goals. To make sure that the team members could help you manage a blog, they must understand both your goals and achievements. This way, all members of the team could maximize their potentials to collaborate and contribute to the betterment of a growing blog.

One of the most important tips in handling a small team is to always remain flexible. With more heads thinking for one blog, there may not always be a single direction. Even if you own the blog, hearing out your team’s ideas could provide a fresh perspective for your blog.

Remote blog management

In the fast, growing world of the internet, working with people does not mean seeing them in the same office every day. All these key team members for blog management could be hired for remote work. This could be fairly challenging but could be quite efficient when done well. It is important to highlight your expectations often. This way, they will not lose sight of why they are hired in the first place. It is also a good way of tracking your team’s progress.  It is also important to set regularly scheduled meetings and conferences. This way all members of the team are on the same page even if they do not physically work together. Handling remote work always requires flexibility and organization. If you are not organized, handling a team remotely is impossible. The most important tip for remote blog management is the emphasis on communication. The lack of conversation or conference will not lead to anything good. Make sure you check up on your team often.

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