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How to Build Company Culture Using Your Blog

How to Build Company Culture Using Your Blog

how to build a company culture

As a business owner, you are aware that company culture is one of the most vital aspects of a business. In fact, 45% of job seekers share the same belief, only behind benefits and compensation at 55%.

If you want to attract the right employees for your company, you need to build up your company culture!

There are many ways you can develop and harness your company culture online. In this post, however, you will learn how to establish your company culture using the content you publish on your blog.

Start a campaign

When using your blog to reinforce company culture, you must communicate your vision to your team. You can’t just jump and take over the blog without first getting your team’s vote of confidence.

Your efforts should be directed towards encouraging more participation among different departments. By making everyone feel part of the group, you validate them.

The best way to encourage team participation is by starting a campaign that highlights your blogging goals.

Don’t leave content creation to chance. Develop a vision with your team for your company blog. This way, you get to reevaluate and redirect your efforts much easier.

Ask your employees to contribute

The size of your organization doesn’t matter. Employees want to feel like they’re contributing something valuable to the company.

They want their work to impact not just on the company’s revenue. They also want to improve their customers’ lives.

One way to do this is by asking different employees to share their expertise on your blog.

Your software developer can share his day-to-day work process. Your CEO can even chime in by sharing leadership advice.

In other words, your blog is saying that all members of your team matter.

When you allow employees to contribute what they know to the company blog, you’re sending out the message that your company’s strength is in its people.

Be authentic

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Content plays a crucial role in promoting company culture. However, it can work against you if your blog articles come across as inauthentic.

You could be posting about your unique company traditions or how you boost employee morale in your organization. As long as your articles show how you do business in your company.

Simply put:

You need to walk the talk to be credible.

Part of building credibility on your blog is consistency. Otherwise, your team will wonder why your blog portrays your company to be something that isn’t.

For example, if Casual Fridays are not part of your corporate policy, then don’t post about it. The lack of authenticity only leads to a diminished trust in leadership.

Enforce a blogging protocol (complete with style guidelines)

All posted content should meet the guidelines set by the marketing team. They ensure that your blog always communicates the right message, regardless of who the author is.

A blogging protocol also makes it easier for contributors to write content that meets corporate standards. Because there’s a protocol to be followed, they know what is expected from their output. This way, all content follow the same voice and flow according to your guidelines.

Use content as a tool to support company culture initiatives

Content can only do so much in building company culture. It also works as a tool to support company culture initiatives. But it should never be seen as something that could replace it.

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When you write down your content strategy for building company culture, your content should represent what’s already happening in your company. It should not propose solutions to address current issues that you face.

As mentioned, your employees need to feel that they belong in your company. Therefore, the higher-ups must show enthusiasm towards your blog to encourage your team.

At the same time, your team must prove themselves worthy of this opportunity. Their content should help foster company campaign to get the attention of your superiors.

To achieve this, your team needs to get onboard your message. They can’t communicate your company culture effectively if they don’t believe in or disagree with it.


Blogging bridges the gap between you and your customers. However, it also attracts the attention of potential employees.

It is the perfect platform to create content that showcases your company values and beliefs. If people believe in your initiatives and treatment of employees, then they will join your bandwagon soon.

Sharing your brand culture through content is an effective way to find and hire the right people. By following the steps above, you can make this happen.

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