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How to Choose the Right Products and Services to Blog About

How to Choose the Right Products and Services to Blog About

One of the ways to build traffic, improve brand awareness, diversify blog topics, and, in some cases, monetize your blog is to write posts on products and services. This concept adds a level of personalization to your blog by giving your readers an idea of the types of things you use and support which can help them connect on a deeper level with you. Writing about products and services also introduces them to brands that may enhance their wellbeing.

As great as writing about products and services can be for your blog, you must choose wisely which brands you choose to place on your platform. With so many to choose from, how do you know which is right? Here are some factors worth considering: 

Relevancy to Your Blog

The products and services that you write about should certainly be relevant to your blog. This ensures that it remains in line with your brand and increases the likelihood that your audience will be interested in reading it. For example, if you’re an antique blogger, you should cover topics surrounding antique necklaces, earrings, home decor items, or paintings.

Personal Interest and Consumption

The best product reviews and blog posts written about products and services are those that are drafted based on the blogger’s personal interest and consumption. If you’ve never utilized a particular product or service, how can you write from an authentic place? Your pieces would essentially read just like the product descriptions found on company websites which is of no real value to readers who want more details. When you’ve used the products and services you select to put on your blog, you can add another layer of personal experience and opinion which can give the reader more insight on whether or not it’s something they should consider trying. 

Audience Interests

A blogger’s goal is essentially to connect with their target audience through every piece they create. Therefore, the products you choose to write about should be interesting to your audience. When considering brands to write about, ask yourself if it’s something your audience would be interested in. Better yet, you can utilize platforms such as your blogs or social media pages to find out directly from your audience what they might be interested in reading about. 

Brand Reputation

Here’s a big factor to consider when deciding which products and services to write about – brand reputation. When using your platform, you want to associate yourself with brands that have a positive reputation within their industry. These products/services should be of high quality and should also be offered by a legitimate brand. The company should stand on strong values and work ethics, support local communities and causes, and have a positive rapport with their customers. Therefore, it is important to do your research on a company before deciding to write about what they offer. Check out their company page to learn more about their values and ethics, review employment review sites to see how they treat their employees and visit consumer review sites to see if there is positive feedback from customers. 

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While not always necessary to be beneficial, when selecting products/services to write about on your blog, consider the perks. There are some companies that will pay you a set amount for every new visitor from your blog or click on their site. Others might provide you with incentives like free products to test and review. These things, of course, add to the value of writing about certain vendors. 

Writing about products and services on your blog can have many advantages from boosting your online traffic and building a connection with your readers to supporting brands you believe in and earning a few extra bucks (or discounted/free merchandise). The only way to reap any of these benefits, however, is to take your time in selecting the best products to write about. Using the criteria provided above can help you to narrow down your options and make the most effective decision. 

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